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  1. You have to see him in person for him to assess your scars, no picture can tell him how fibrotic your scars are and what needs doing. @Sibel I just sent him an email then made an appointment, he does treatment same day as consulation in my case. He can take a few days to respond just be patient
  2. here's how things currently look, almost 2 weeks post OP, apparently by 2 weeks 75% of swelling is gone.... we will see though. Things seem too good to be true
  3. The whole point is that it acts as a buffer to prevent re-tethering not for volume - it doesn't matter that it only lasts 6 months because by that time the scars can't re-tether. @JohnThegreat
  4. Sure @Jck17 will update before next appointment to show result of this sub in aprox 3 months
  5. @JohnThegreat temporary, HA FIller, lasts 6 months or more. Will get sculptra in future which lasts a few years and stimulates your own collagen
  6. Vascular or V-Beam laser will take away the red marks
  7. @Umar99 Didn't stay at a hotel, did everything the same day. I think in total like £700
  8. fresh scars 2-3 months old are very easy to treat using lasers @JohnThegreat , speak to BA
  9. No scars on temple area, only on my cheeks, mild scarring on my left, moderate on my right. @JohnThegreat
  10. Thanks. Flew from Gatwick to Copenhagen, this took about 2 hours. Then a train from Coppenhagen airport to Odense, this took 1hr 50 mins. Then from Odense train station to Emil by taxi was around 20 mins, it is within walking distance of the station if you fancy a walk Hope this helps. @HeavyRun Some serious bruising now! I will link a google docs on the first page so it is more easy to follow treatment progression rather than having to scroll through pages on here.
  11. much too soon to tell, swelling makes scars invisible... give it a month and then you will see the result @JohnThegreat
  12. Some more info: Emil said I had A LOT of fibrosis, even in my left cheek where there is minimal scarring, therefore he used a NOKOR needle over cannula. The subcision itself was totally painless, though the injection of the anaesthesia gave a painful burning sensation, very unpleasant. I think he used lidocaine. Heard lots of popping as he sword away at the tethering, quite satisfying. The entire thing cost only £500 aprox, this included the consulation and sub + filler. Very pleased, he was a v
  13. Chu doesn't use filler, scars will re-tether simple as that. He is stuck in his ways. Emil does use filler, he used HA Filler on me, so my scars are less likely to re-tether. Also, emil offers lasers and is getting Genius RF in the future so I thought it best to see him, and he is one of the best scarring doctors out there. The rest of your comment doesn't apply to me. Subcision does work for the vast majority, you might just be a poor healer, I don't know.
  14. Subcision w/ HA Filler with Dr emil a couple hours after. Swollen and bruised, will update in a month once swelling is down.
  15. UPDATE: Appointment booked with Emil, 01/03/2019 NOKOR Subcision with HA Filler. 2.5 Months post accutane, On low dose roaccutane (10mg daily).
  16. Please stop misinforming people, subcision is highly effective, what you are saying is a load of bullshit. Why do you hang around here commenting this stuff, it is counterproductive and isn't helping anybody. Your anecdote can't compete with the countless studies completed proving the efficacy of subcision, and RF microneedling. Multiple treatments are needed. I was supposed to be taking a break from the forums but this wound me up... you aren't helping anyone or yourself. See a therapist. @tryi
  17. I find it very very unlikely, otherwise doctors would use them to be extra safe.... Ask BA he might be able to help.
  18. TCA is strong stuff, your face mask won't stand a chance at protecting you... it burns through paper so it will burn through your face mask. Please see an expert dermatologist rather than doing this yourself, there is a lot that could go wrong! It isn't worth the possible acid burns.
  19. BA always recommends 3 months between ALL treatments, this is based on histology. We are slow healers.
  20. I have a chicken pox scar under my eye that I don't care about what so ever, I agree, but it is so tiny I couldn't care less. I have had it since I was 4 @Anish004
  21. It is both creepy and hilarious when Dr Lim finds out where people live by tracing their IP, the contrast between one moment talking about scar revision then the next turning into some hackerman is comical. I'm sure I've seen him do this a few times now. Rightly so if he is being slandered and libelled
  22. How is Lim a fraud, he is probably the best in the world at scar revision lol @tryinghard123