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  1. The biggest issue for me now seems to be PIE, it seems to take forever to fade for me. I still have PIE from several months ago so perhaps I will do a few IPL treatments here in the UK. Also considering increasing Isotretinoin dose to 60mg/day and if that doesn't stop the few pimples I still get I will just do another course.... The scars have improved significantly, and that was my main goal. Now the PIE is really the most unsightly aspect of my skin. I only get small pimples, and usually only
  2. If you are in Europe you should 100% see Emil. Don't compromise! So thankful @beautifulambition recomended him
  3. ~ Just over a year ago VS today 25/12/18 -> 28/02/20 Treatments: All of my treatments were with Dr. Emil Henningsen in DK. I highly recommend him, the results clearly speak for themselves and he is an incredibly jovial guy. I believe I have had: 3x Subcision (1 Nokor, 2 Cannula) With HA Filler 2x TCA Cross 1x Genius RF Future Plans My confidence has improved greatly since I fir
  4. Haven't updated in a while Saw emil yesterday: Subcision, TCA Cross, Genius, and some vasculare laser for redness. Things are looking so much better that I'm really not bothered enough to keep posting on this site, but I will update you all in a couple of weeks with a photo.
  5. Emil said there would be scabs after 3 days but I am yet to see any so I don't know. And yes I agree in those pics it is hard to see any boxcars but they are there.
  6. You literally can't tell a difference. No visible change so far.
  7. Had TCA Paint with emil yesterday, didn't experience any frosting strangely. No subcision as he didn't feel it was necessary
  8. Absolutely. The fibrotic bands must be undermined to elevate the skin. Rolling scars are tethered down hence Subcision is the best method. Manual methods first. If you are in Europe absolutely see Emil. He is a very nice guy and an excellent very meticulous Dr. 100% worth the trip, I live in the UK and it is a very long day, but certainly worth it to see him! Will update this post every 3 months or so, no point doing it sooner as gives unrealistic impression of results. Good luck! Sp
  9. Had another sub + ha with emil yesterday. Went well. Will post pics at end of Aug Said weight gain wouldn't really affect my tethered rolling scars because they are anchored down and tethered. Regardless of how much plumping there is they are still going to remain pinned down.
  10. Well we will see how things look when I loose some weight, I am sure the results are still very impressive. will update on september 1st
  11. I've gotten pretty fat since my before pics, I think I was like 80 or 90 kg in those, now I'm around 100kg. Too much pizza and studying, not enough exercise and lettuce. I don't know if this would affect the appearance of my scars much, but I feel like the results are too good to be true. Here is a pic from about a month ago, things are looking even better. Probably because I got too fat and it pushed all my scars out. Hey, maybe that is a new treatment option, just get fat.
  12. You have to see him in person for him to assess your scars, no picture can tell him how fibrotic your scars are and what needs doing. @Sibel I just sent him an email then made an appointment, he does treatment same day as consulation in my case. He can take a few days to respond just be patient
  13. here's how things currently look, almost 2 weeks post OP, apparently by 2 weeks 75% of swelling is gone.... we will see though. Things seem too good to be true