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  1. i just got laser hair removel done today for my underarms since im sick to death of having to shave them every 12 hours cause they pretty much grow as fast as i can shave and waxing them is too painful and doing that gets expensive so i figured id invest in perminent removal which is a lot more worth it in the long run compaired to forever buying razors and wax. i got a great deal at 325$ for 6 treatment sessions under both arms, so thats like 160$ per side to never deal with this crap again.
  2. i like that i have the rare eye color (green) and people seem to think i have nice eyes/eyebrows and cheekbones. i love my hands/nails/hair/boobs and when im actually moving a bit and not sedentary i get compliments on my bum. I'm happy my body shape is proportional. but yeah, the rest needs some work.
  3. question for those who skip the break: this must affect how the BCP works in terms of preventing pregnancy, no? Id like to skip the break, but not if its gonna mean getting preg??!
  4. good for you (to the guy who said hes good at oral and loves doing it and its cruel to deprive your partner of it) any guy that says 'its a bad job' had better not want a blowjob ever. my god. and to the original poster.. if its causing you breakouts youre probably not doing it right. you only need to use your tongue and fingers not your whole face. if i were with you id think that was a really lame excuse and never give u head again either.
  5. a lot of threads dissappear because certain mods, one specifically, are dictators when it comes to posting and power hungry and therefore love to constantly use the phrase "thread closed" i find it unbearable... who chooses the mods anyway? they need some new blood.
  6. always cry easier/more
  7. and they only cancel out BP if you use them at the same time... using one in the morn and one at night is perfect
  8. you dont use them cause they didnt work or you found something else that does work for you? i have some accutane left over that i didnt finish when i got 5 days straight heart pains from it after 2 weeks, and some topical stuff too that didnt work...
  9. retin a doesnt kill bacteria, antibiotics like ethromycin kill bacteria... retinoids just help the skin exfoliate at a much faster rate. and the bp takes care of inflammation so dont stop that
  10. i was on it for a year and it didnt really do much, i definitely recommend benzamycin instead (and for something stronger steivamycin)
  11. wierd, seems like it would make more sense to just up you to the regular strength stievamycin
  12. im confused, you are on stievamycin which is tretenion and ethromycin... and then he told you to use retisol a along with this, which is just another tretenoin? what is the point/reasoning for that??? why use 2 different tretenoins? i understand adding bp or something else but why the same med just without the antibiotic?
  13. thats a weird 'theory' and i think its different for everyone no matter what. my face broke out starting at the chin and worked its way up from there, i never really got it bad on my forehead but was bad everywhere else pretty much as it continued to spread from my chin mouth area...
  14. im curious about this too as i got it and then went to work for 8 hours.. but i think it means after you open it right?
  15. so starting dian 35 again gave me an IB, I saw a different derm yesterday and she felt a more aggresive treatment is necessary.. so now I've added 250 mg tetracycline into the tretinoin/BCP routine, and she added benzamycin topical in the morning. my skin was looking good from just the tretinion but the BCP IB took that away, now i feel like my routine is getting pretty huge... anyway, i told her how id done my research on antibiotic resistance and side effects and she mentioned how mino has