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  1. Ilona Been there, done that. Understand your issues with dr's selling what they have. I had cystic acne scars as well as 3 trauma scars on my face. I had a face lift to start although I was only 47. I would not recommend this as a solution to scarring, but I sure liked the effects nonetheless. I had a "real" chem peel years and years ago, and it was very traumatic for my face - in terms of downtime. I wouldn't recommend it. I was seriously debating traditional CO2 laser (ablative) when everyone
  2. FROMBCN' I don't know what other's experience was, but I never really crusted over. I don't think my treatment was as intense as yours. - tampagirl
  3. jjp007 -I didn't watch the video but went through Total fx in real life. I can tell you IT HURT LIKE HELL. Don't do it without some serious drugs. - Tampagirl
  4. SouthpoleSP67 I got mine done at The Vein Center by Dr. Hunt. I got it free cause I volunteered to be a guinea pig because he had just gotten the laser and needed some test cases. I wasn't worried cause the Luminus Dr. was right there the whole time. It is supposed to cost about $2500 in tampa. - Tampagirl
  5. healthynclear- I haven't logged on in a while so I hope I didn't miss you. You need to ask the dr. what that name of the laser is, specifically so you can look it up on the website. Depending on how deep your scars are, will be how "strong" the setting is on the laser. There are several different settings on the Luminus laser that was used on me. "DEEPFX" is the deepest and is the setting I had for the worst parts of the scars. - tampagirl
  6. katiekat - I had what is termed fractionalized CO2. It is a cross between fraxel and the old CO2. I strongly considered the old ablative CO2 (recommended by 2 different dr.) but I was chicken in the end. Years ago, I had a serious chemical peel. I was hesitant to go through that again and I read that ablative techniques can make scars worse. SO - you need to check and see if MAXfx is "traditional ablative CO2". Get the actual company name that makes the laser and do your homework before you ma
  7. Naitch- You said "It's just that know one knows, including myself. You have to stop relying on this site of absolute amateurs and go see some derms arond where you live for their opinion and analysis." I understand your point and respect your opinion. However, I believe this forum is a wonderful source of unbiased, honest, firsthand information unlike any salesy recommendations given by dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, clinics, etc. Nearly every professional I went to (hundreds
  8. I had the Lumenis DeepFX fractionalized CO2 laser (you replied to my post). In my opinion, your acne scars are not nearly as bad as you think they are. Second, I think the laser treatments are not recommended for people with VERY dark skin (African-America...) You might be okay with lasers. Third, I am not very familar with the processes you are considering, but I have learned that you can easily waste plenty of money on scar treatment. I have found that doctors, nurses, practioners, etc. will
  9. katiekat- i would say I had about 50% improvement, maybe more. i think the pictures are a little deceiving because the originals were taken outside in raw sunlight while tha after pictures were taken inside in more flattering lighting. With that said, I WOULD do it again. I am not familar with MAXFX but when I googled it, I got hits on some erectile dysfunction sites. haha. Maybe you have the name wrong? - tampagirl
  10. sw cub - thanks for the info about tattoo. By the way, I followed my laser procedure with radiesse a few days ago. I am not too happy with it, though. Dr. said he could touch up and fill in any remaining depressions, including a rather large trauma indention on right cheek. That did NOT happen. The nurse did the injections and went really deep, which means the surface type indentions will just all be raised up. The point is - I don't trust Dr.'s too much. I think they tell you what you want
  11. Show pics when you can. I am interested in getting pigment tattoo for a facial scar. Anyone know much about this procedure. Cost, etc. ? Retardiest - Curious -- what did YOU pay for co2 fraxel and what city? Bucksfan- I had numbing cream, tylenol, and one tiny valium (or the like) but it was like having nothing at all. I am glad you had a better experience.
  12. http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg80/tampagirl_photos/ Guys - Here are larger pics on photobucket.- tampagirl
  13. retardiest - you are too funny. it DID hurt like hell, didnt it? tears rolled down my eyes involuntarily. Im about 6 weeks out and not exfoliating anymore so I am hopeful the improvement will continue. Yeah, the first few days are SCARY looking, but they don't hurt. Let us know how you are doing. I will try to enlarge the pics and reupload them or load them somewhere else. - tampagirl
  14. Retardiest - See for yourself. I had cystic acne really bad AND VERY blotchy skin.
  15. Here are before and after pics at about 4 weeks out. I was actually horrified to see how bad my skin looked before the laser AND I am surprised how GOOD it looks side-by-side with the old. Anyway, needless to say. I am very happy so far. I continue to use retin A everyday.