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  1. @acne_battle my friend recommended it to me and it really works ok. you can read this article for more information. http://www.neemdirect.com/neem_health.html#skin
  2. yup its true, just wash it every morning.
  3. yups, if your face is oily thru out the day acne will come back. you should use some product to get rid of it and enjoy an acne-free face.
  4. i love swimming in the pool! my skin feels soft after that.
  5. i have the same problem before but i already got rid of it. have you tried using neem oil? it works well with me.
  6. oh, i think i'll stay with my neem oil. i do feel some steam in my face while cooking and it really hurts my cheeks, i really dont like the feeling of it.
  7. Does it hurt your eye when you steam your face? For me i've been using neem oil for months now and it shows fast and effective results.