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  1. hi i have been on the regimine for a while and it works great but i always have problems applying the lotion to my skin? it always is hard to move around it does not glide over my skin rather just stays white it usually absorbs later but i was just wondering if and one else has the same problem with the lotion?
  2. your saying that these are a different type of skin problem for you but i am not trying to be gross but have you had any sexual activity lately it could be some sort of STD or something like that maybe you should get it checked out just in case? hopefully your problem get resolved good luck
  3. o iam talking about the petrolium jelly stuff if you are confused
  4. i was just wondering if anyone uses this stuff as a mosturizer i know it is very greasy, that is why i only use it at night time. it say right on the jar that it will not clog pores and is hypoallergenic whatever that means. but yeah i have been using it for the past few days and my skin feels so replenished the next day and not as dry anymore. can i keep using it if it works or will i regret it later down the road?
  5. i believe that is one of the side marks of the BP, i hate it to i got not to many pimples anymore but some red marks that seem like they take a year to fade, but that is something that will eventually fade just take a little longer. i look at it this way i would rather have little to no zits in exchange for a few red marks that will eventually fade. good luck
  6. i was just wondering about this method for exfoliating but i am really not sure how to do it do i use it with water or with a cleanser and for how long, how often and so on would someone be able to give me a link for this method. thanks
  7. i have been reading about aha and the benifits from it, i have read that netragena lotion has a high amount of aha in it. i live in canada and i went to walmart and was looking at the different types of there lotion and was looking at the ingredients and none of them have aha in it would some one post a picture of what kind of lotion this is cause i would love to try it out but have no idea where to get it. thanks
  8. hi everyone, i have been on the program for about 4 weeks now and things are going well. tonight i exfoliated for the first time, i use the baby brush method and i must say it was disgusting there was so much dead skin that came off ewww. i decided to try this because i noticed more and more flakes building up on my face and decided what the heck and give it a shot. this is how idid it i just filled the sink up with warm water and weted my face and kept dipping the brush in the water every so of
  9. 4 weeks is still quite new to b.p. Best advise i can give you come down to half a finger and then gradually build back up to a full finger but it says on the regimine to be at a full finger by week 4
  10. hi everyone i just wanted say that this regimen is going good so far i am on my fourth week so i have up the dosage to a full finger but i am curious ever since i have been using the full dosage i have been feeling a burning sensation it stings a little bit but it eventually goes away after an hour or less, is this natural i never felt burning before just now! o and i am using Dans BP thanks.
  11. i know its natural for your skin to be flaky when doing the regimen but i have a question is it ok to peal it off if you are very gentle. cause i have notice where my old dark spots use to be it get flaky and i tried peal some of it off today and it just came right off and this beautiful new layer of skin was there and i was very pleased. is this ok to keep doing or am i aggrevating my skin, and maybe cause future breakouts?
  12. how long should i wait before i would be able to stop applying moisturizer at night cause i notice dan said he does not and i wanted to give it a shot. iam already 2 week in any suggestions?
  13. i am just starting out on the regimen its been about a week or so now. is it ok if iput lots of moisturizer on because around my mouth and chin have been getting really dry and flaky and looks gross will this affect my results if i put extra lotion here?
  14. iam currently using panoxyl 5% BP cause i could not find 2.5 and i am waiting for dans BP to come in to get a jump start on it. i have a problem with this stuff to they say to take about 3 minutes or more to apply it but after a minute it already drys on my face is this ok?