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  1. Tazorac has been working pretty well for me atleast i think it has but recently i got a tube of tazorac put the stuff on my face at night but left the cap open overnight and then caught it thenext morning and sealed it up.. this was the only time this has happend should i be scared that maybe the tazorac has lost potency or something? or am I ok
  2. Ok well I've been using tazorac for now going into my 7th week. The first 2 weeks give or take, i just did it every other day as told by a doctor to get my self used to it. I'm on the .5. I had very very very very very very mild dryness and peeling that was so little and negligible. Never the less when I first got acne I had this big inflamed pustules that would never come to a yellow head and the occasional 2 cysts randomly on my face. However I was clear for 6 months preceding taz so I really
  3. what moisturizer do you use? i had very very very clear skin over the summer im talking not even a blemish and that lasted well into october as well. I think the reason is over teh summer my skin is not over dry and is actually moisturized well because of the sun kiss tanning mousturizer i used. now gradually as soon as mild winter hit my acne worsened. This has make me believe that the dryness is doing something. My derm gave me tazorac and duac gel.I'm thinking about stopping the duac and jus
  4. I'm into my 5th week of tazorac now, even though there has been some raw yet noticable improvement, i'm sitll getting 2-3 pimples and every now and then a very very inflamed one (not a cyst though) When should I expect the pimples to just flat out stop?
  5. is there anyone else here that gets acne that has dry skin. Besides obviously moisturizing can you tell me some of your tricks towards combating acne. I feel that alot of the products on the market may not be meant for ppl like me whose acne is very dry and always has been. I do mostiurize too
  6. i have dry skin and acne, along with a retinoid and duac, I'm trying to find the perfect cleanser and moisturizer. My derm recommended Cerave and Cetaphil.. however I have asked a number of ppl and they say Cetaphil has ingredients in it that could possible cause a breakout. Is Cerave better in terms of that? can someone tell me possibly the most uncomodegenic cleanser moisturizer thats OTC
  7. my derm prescribed me tazorac at night, duac in the morning she told me to start off doing the tazorac every other day for the first 2 weeks, and then ramp it up to everyday after that. This has been the regime for about 6 weeks. I think it has been working even though I still get pimpled here and there but my derm saw me today and said i'm on the right track Wwhat do you think of my regime? I had a few questions though, first since everyone says the dramatic results begin happening around the 8
  8. I have some what moderate acne, about 4-5 pustules at a time on my forhead some get more inflamed than others. I've had acne since i was 13, at first it was mild but towards the end of highschool it become more towards moderate. My doctor prescribed me benzaclin which worked to kill the zits but did nothing to prevent them. Finally 3 weeks ago I went to my dermatologist who supposedly is a very good one thats worked on my whole family for some reason or another. She prescribed me 30 pills at 100