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  1. I know why my period stopped and such. It was due to low body fat (for my body), not because i was starving myself i can eat the same amount of calories in one weight but could get my period and not get in another. My lowest weight was BMI 17,8 and this was the weight when my period stopped, i was slightly underweight. While my sister's BMI is lower end of 17 and my cousin's 16 they are still getting their periods regularly. And believe me when i say this my sister is literally starving herself
  2. Hi. I’m 25 years old female. I developed moderate acne after hitting puberty. My skin was like this: i was waking up everyday getting 1-3 new papules which days later became pustules, sometimes they were sensitive to touch/sore and after popping they were leaving small red scars. Even though my acne was bothering me i didn’t get any serious treatments for a few reasons (couldn’t afford long term treatments is one of them). I only tried using Clean & Clear (for a short time), Зинерит (Zineryt