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  1. hows the bp? i'm gonna try it on top of the stuff that i'm using, but what were your results? and how much do you use? i reallyyy don't want to use two pumps on my face.

  2. haha always good to see a fellow bodybuilder currently im 5'6" 155 but im coming off a cut from summer compeitition trying to get back up to 170 but do you sauna often? i tried it today cause i've read it's good for acne seems to work
  3. I used a sauna today after working out at the gym after i showered and rinsed my face with cold water and moisterized but i didn't use a cleanser . Should i shower tonight use my cleanser and exfoliate like i normally do? or should i skip washing cause i already showered? advice before i go to bed tonight would be appreciated
  4. I'd skip the bp if you're sunburned and just use aloe vera. how long should i skip? im scared of breaking out again im pretty clear now and i was thinking about bp during the day and aloe at night? maybe?
  5. Thanks i was asking because i got sunburn on my face and i was thinking aloe would help could i put aloe on after the cetaphil or just use the cetaphil?
  6. can i use aloe instead of cetaphil after BP?
  7. i didn't do bp and put just moistrizer on instead of sunblock and i got burnt will this affect my acne?
  8. Im goin to the beach tomorrow and i was thinking about skipping the regimin in the morning cause last time i did it and went to the beach i got burnt is this the best way to go about this? and will missing one day have an effect?
  9. i like to shake it hard a few times and it sticks to the pump and wipe it on my finger then use
  10. I've been clear for almost a year now i just switched to Dan's BP in fact i just ordered another bottle because im very active and it doesn't run white when i sweat. However a month after i switched from on the spot ive been gettin random pimples. They happen on the side of my face usally on the cheek bone. My guess is i get them when i sleep. It might be my from my pillow sheets or Dan's BP maybe the heat from the summer anyone have any ideas or suggestions please help.
  11. my red marks turned into a lighter red kinda pink does that mean they will go away soon?
  12. i haven't had acne in a while but im still left with a good amount of red marks. I was thinking about using baking soda to exfoliate. Should i use baking soda as a cleanser or use baking soda then use my cleanser?