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  1. Week 7 Still suffering a second mini breakout one large red spot to the right of my nose. Not too worried, because it will die away. Looking at my face in the mirror though in a certain light, it's obvious that my face is badly scarred / pitted. I think I might have to go for some kind of laser treatments once this course of roaccutaine is over.... I asked the derm about this, and he said it wouldn't help much, and that it's mostly for people with thick skin?! I don't hold much faith in thes
  2. Week 6 I've been on 60mg of roaccutaine for going on 10 days now i guess. Definitely noticed increased side effects, dry skin around the mouth. I've also had a mini breakout, two red patches, under the skin spots I guess. Is this due to the increase in roaccutaine perhaps? apart from that, skin is slowly healing.
  3. Week 5 I had a derm appointment last friday, and to be honest i'm rarely impressed by these so called "specialists". Firstly, he hadn't read my notes properly, as when I mentioned that I had been on roaccutane before for 8 months, he was surprised. Do some background reading before seeing someone, sheesh! Secondly, whatever I asked he didn't really have any suitable answers for me. Particularly in the field of handling scarring, red marks, length of treatment needed etc. The only fortunate
  4. Hi Guys Right here's the updates for weeks 3 and 4 Well, i'm still getting spots, got a large under the skin spot on the side of my face, and a number of smaller ones on the other side. All under the skin and dark red. I'd say i'm getting a few spots a week, however they tend to be big and "scar worthy". I'm continuing to get side effects such as dried skin, and woke up a few days ago with my lips bleeding. Blackheads around my nose seem to be less than they used to be. No mental side ef
  5. well i think the side effects of being on accutane vary between individuals. Dry lips, no alcohol, are fine, easy to live with. Mood swings/ depression, maybe a different. I've been on accutaine before and don't think I got them. However, this time I think I might. However that might just be because i've read up that you can get mood swings, lol who knows. I would say i get high moderate / severe acne. so for me accutaine is a must. With light, i'd probably think about lesser alternative
  6. Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates I guess i'm now on week 2. I've been in San Francisco for the past 12 days on business, and guess what, forgot to take my roaccutaine with me! Nevertheless, not being on medication, i still had the dry lips, and was skin was photosensitive, got slightly sun burnt, which I dont do normally, i've got quite brown skin. I was getting sporadic spots as well, however being on roaccutaine for a week prior to going away had stopped the amount of new spots I was
  7. Glad to hear your acne's clearing up.... It looks like you barely have acne at all. I've just started my second round of roaccutane. 1 week in, and am having a bad breakout, but hopefully that will pass!!
  8. Hi there I'm another one of these unlucky people, 26, back on roaccutane... Think i'm experiencing a bad breakout as well - only 1 weeks in. i'm on 35mg. Best of luck with it, and i'm sure our skin will clear up! Tane works, i'm sure of it, last time iwas on it for 8 months and then I had 4 years of relatively clear skin, so I reckon we just have to go through the difficult early period of being on the drug.
  9. This is the start of my Roaccutane log. Here's a brief synopsis of my history i'm 26 had acne since I was 14 It was at its worst when I was 19 and I went on roaccutaine then for 8 months. Started at 60mg and then ended up on 70mg At the end of the course my skin totally cleared up and I was relatively clear for 4 years (although I was on minocycline every now and again) Acne started coming back when I was 24 When just turned 26 I decided to try B5 hoping that would clear my skin up. After 5 mo
  10. Days 125-138 This is the end of my B5 log. Skin isn't good at all, so am now stopping it and going back to taking roaccutaine which i'll be starting a new log for.
  11. Days 110-123 My skin is worse than ever... Like when I was 17. spots come and they just don't go away... I think that's when you get the sign that you're losing the battle with acne. My skin feels very very itchy.. so much so that it wakes me up in bed sometimes, so is it acne? or a reaction to something?!? Taking the B5 does dry my skin and it makes it flakey, hence I use clean & clear oil free moisturiser - I found the nivea one with oil made me breakout even worse. Even though my ski
  12. Hi all Im on a b5 regimen and am using a nivea for men sensitive moisturiser..... I'm wondering whether it might be blocking my pores? Anyone had any experience of this? Can anyone recommend a really good moisturiser for someone with oily skin? Thanks
  13. hi there I've got a dilemma I've been reading about microdermabrasion and it sounds really good and quite affordable, however they won't do the treatment if you're on roaccutaine - and then once you've finished your roaccutaine course, you've gotta wait 6 months before you can have the treatment. I'm not on roaccutaine at the moment but I will be within the next fortnight. I'm currently on the B5 regime and its not working (4 months in) So what should I do? - shall I get the roacutaine med
  14. Hi there I'm looking into going for microdermabrasion. Does anyone have a rough estimate for how much a session costs? on the lasercare.co.uk website they say from £55 but i'm sure it won't be that cheap.... Also can you have that treatment whilst on roaccutaine? Thanks
  15. There's always success stories but there's also stories for when it isn't working. I'm heading towards the 4 month mark on B5 and I can definitely say without a shadow of a doubt that my skin is a lot worse than from 4 months ago. I'm not gonna stop taking the B5 though as I want to see through a "long" course of it to have a final decision about its effectiveness for me. It's definitely not curtailing oil production for me.
  16. Hi guys Thanks for your accounts of being on B5. Yeah, I really dunno what to think about the whole B5 thing, i guess it does work for some people, and not for others possibly. It really does need a lot more research into. It's not working for me, my skin is definitely worse than 3 months ago. I'm keeping on with the B5 for the foreseeable future until I get my appointment to go on roaccutaine. I do know that roaccutaine works and have personal experience of it, so, I think the bottom l
  17. Thing is, i dunno if a low dose is all that beneficial, I think it only worked for me when they upped it to a higher dose (can't remember how high). Is it much more expensive on a higher dose? Might be worth buying the drugs and then paying for a liver test. where can you buy roaccutaine from?
  18. Day 105 No Changes apart from 1 new spot on my chin. 4 big ones around my nose. Skin feels tight and i'm constantly aware of my skin feeling oily. Did some phoning around today to try to get a private appointment set-up to go on roaccutaine.... Looks like I could get an appointment tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!! but It looks like it'll cost me £1000 to go through a course of roaccutaine privately for 4 months. Right, guess its back to waiting on the NHS waiting list till the end of April (
  19. Thanks for your posts guys. Phil, it sounds like you've had a similar history to myself although accutaine did take 3 months to work for me. And I can relate to the psychological effect it has on you when you know its working. My skin was pretty oily before i started taking the B5. My skin is very strange. It'll dry out really quickly, once I have a shower in the morning and it'll look all flakey, but now, late evening, it still looks flakey but is very oily, if that makes sense, around the
  20. hi there I went on roaccutaine when I was 19, I had to do all the blood tests as well etc etc. The only side effects I suffered from were dry lips, which i bought a lip balm thing for. For 3 months it didn't make much of a difference to my skin, however after that my skin dramatically cleared up and I was relatively clear skinned for 4 years!! - I took roaccutaine for about 9 months. The only thing you can't do when taking roaccutaine is drink alcohol, but you being 14 that shouldn't be a pr
  21. good luck dawn! Hope it works for you.
  22. Days 95-102 What do i do? my skin is all lumpy and uneven, spots seem to be developing under the surface, not coming to a head and just stay there. I have this big dark red spot on my cheek which i've had for 3 weeks now and its not going anywhere. I'm at a loss of what to do now, i'm just really tired of this bad skin i've had to put up with for so long. I know you're never meant to let it get to you and get on with your life, but god its hard. I have no motivation to do anything. i'm still
  23. i'm not on antibiotics, havent been on them for over 3 months
  24. Now is 3 months down the line. I'm gonna keep it up for another month and a half before my next dermatology appointment, you never know, it might just take "longer" to see a result for me. Got a letter from my dermatologist a few days ago about taking b5. There has been some research into it, and it has shown to have a beneficial effect on some people suffering from Acne Vulgaris.
  25. Days 89-94 My skin is the worst its been for about 8 years. I've got loads of red marks and spots on my face, and I know from past experience, i'm gonna have to go through atleast a year for the marks to die down from this point. And this really hits my self confidence and state of well-being when i'm in this kind of state. My skin is very greasy and the B5 appears to be having no affect. I've set-up a dermatology appointment for April where I am going to back on Roaccutaine, which is the