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  1. I spoke with him and set up an appointment. Did you need a field subcision? I’m concerned about price of individual. Not sure what would determine if a patient needs it or not. He said he’d go over it in depth in person but I don’t want to go in and not be able to afford if he’s doing it per scar
  2. @49ersFan what exactly is the difference between agressive and not? Haven’t been able to find anything on that. It is mostly box cars but I look at pics from 2 years ago vs now and I can see how it is getting to be rolling around the boxcars which makes it look worse. I’m assuming I’ll need a combo of things. Do you have any progress photos of your treatment??
  3. I live in Massachusetts. I have had scars for years, I am in my early 20s. These scars are severe and can be seen several feet away. I am a woman if this helps paint the picture. I am so insecure about this. I feel like no one could ever love me or find me attractive. I don’t want anyone looking at me, even my boyfriend. I was on accutane and ended last August so I know I have to wait till then. I have a lot of boxcar scars, some are shallower than others, but overall they’re very deep. I have a