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  1. Day 30 - i got about 2-3 painful cystic acne after washing with hot water & steaming my face once...so hot water/steaming is a no no for me..back to cold water & washing only once a day...all the acne i got from eating high proteins & heated water is healing away now..also i applied sandalwood paste on the cystic acne & other acne & it improved the worsened conditions....applied the paste like 3-4 times n washed with cold water...once the whiteheads were cleared i stopped app
  2. Day 23 - still on water only regimen...all the spots im getting are transformed to whiteheads & they heal well...no cystic acne...i think its the end of cystic acne for me after following this regimen...its been 3 weeks already & i havent gotten any cystic acne...only whiteheads...as for high protein foods i indulge in them once in a while...not daily though..washed face with cold water in the morng & in the evening i washed with warm water & then follow up with cold water...&
  3. Day 17 - Will try n update weekly from here on...2 very tiny whiteheads on my left cheek...i've never got whiteheads on my cheeks..this is the first time...no new acne..the ones on the chin are healing well..
  4. Day 16 - all the spots on my chin came to a head n now they r all whiteheads...medium to small in size..one of the whiteheads popped n i used a face tissue to gently clear up the pus...today i had frozen peas which is a no no..lets see if it leads to a break out or nt...rest of the face is clear..
  5. Day 15 - the spot on the lower right cheek juz vanished by today...wow!!! But my chin is the spotty one...rest of the face is clear...i have a small new spot on the chin...so i have about 4 spots on the chin coz of eating high protein foods...if i avoid them ill hv a clear skin no doubt bou that...so from todaY i will no longer eat legumes regularly, only on certain occasions i will dats all...washing with tap water once a day sometimes twice & letting it air dry or sometimes pat dry with a
  6. Day 14 - one new spot on my lower right cheek other than the 2 on chin which are healing well...left cheek clear,forehead is clear,nose is clear & the skin is not even oily anymore...happy with this regimen continuing to eat protein foods everyday..
  7. Day 13 - 2 spots on the chin, havent subsided but they are also not angry red cystic painful ones...they are pink in color...still eating high protein foods..i used to avoid eating them for the fear of cystic acne...like a bunch of them....so inspite of eating hi protein foods m not breaking into bad cystic acne...thats a gud thing happening..no other spots on face... Washing with tap water...modified a bit...i splash water on my face n gently massage with fingers & rinse then pat dry w
  8. Day 12 - the spot between the eyebrows remains same as yesterday,no heavy inflammation or anything juz a skin colored spot...one new spot on my chin, skin colored...other than these two i have a couple of small whiteheads here & there...
  9. 10 days on water only regimen...OCM breakout in the left photo taken on 13th December 2018 & the right one was taken yesterday nite 23d Dec.2018
  10. Day 11 - no new acne...xcept fr a small spot under my eye...no cystic acne....all are turning into whiteheads & healing well..slight flaking on my forehead...i gently removed them with a wet washcloth...still eating trigger foods & no breakouts from them...i usually get acne after 3-4 days of eating trigger foods...i have read on this site that an acne takes 3 weeks to form..lets hope im clear even after 3 weeks...this will be such a freedom no avoiding foods coz they cause acne...
  11. Day 10 - no major acne except for a few whiteheads here & there...if i do get a spot it transforms into a whitehead pretty soon...washing with tap water once or twice a day as I like it..tap water hasnt caused any dryness in my skin...if it gets too oily i just mop it gently with a washcloth...another thing i hv obsrvd is that when using 2.5% BP it used to darken my spots,now thats not happening & the whiteheads heal well...
  12. Day 9 - one new spot turned into a whitehead(on my cheek)...i was expecting this to turn into a painful cystic acne as im eating trigger foods almost everyday...glad its only a small whitehead...yet ill wait till day 15 to see if i break into cystic acne or not all the while eating trigger foods...this regimen is so liberating :)))) also there was some slight flaking on my forehead...i gently removed them with a wet washcloth...i see nothing on my forehead this morning
  13. Day 8 - no new acne,no cystic acne despite eating trigger foods like legumes,seeds,& cooked fat....i was avoiding them from so many years only small whiteheads on nose & chin....skin sometimes itchy...using tap water only to wash my face...also the acne from OCM is healed 80% only one cystic pimple from OCM has transformed into a whitehead...& its small...so no problem...on day 15 ill be able to confirm my acne from trigger foods...lets see if I break out or not...
  14. Day 6 - All the new pimples i get are small & turn into whiteheads,no painful red cystic acne at all...so happy...eating spicy food hasnt caused any cystic acne...also tap water is fine with my skin...dont experience any dryness nor is my face very oily...i also follow no poo method...so this regimen has helped me a lot...im gonna add in legumes in my diet to see if that breaks me out...so far spicy foods is fine with my skin...
  15. A few scabs from the Ocm acne came off today...ate some trigger foods today & yesterday to see if my skin still reacts the same on a 'water only regimen.' So far no highly inflamed acne...all the acne are healing away...got a new spot but its skin hued so thats not a problem for me...mild acne is so much better than huge inflamed acne...juz one new acne...it must be from the spicy pilaf i ate with green peas...& today I ate spicy tomato soup...so just checkin if my skin breaks out bad...