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  1. I just faxed my first pregnancy test, bloodwork and birth control counseling to my dermatologist. So hopefully I’ll be starting accutane in one month. This is seriously gonna be the longest month of my life! i hope I’m doing everything right. From what I understand, people get a call from the dermatologist after they received the bloodwork. This whole process is such a hassle for women. Seriously. I want the pills now . And I guess at some point I’ll be able to log into ipledge. I hope ever
  2. Man... I’ve had acne since I was 12, and horrible acne in my late teen years. I went in accutane and got perfect skin. Now it’s slowly becoming worse again. The only time I had perfect skin was when I was 5 minutes out of the womb lmao fml..... if I am going to be 37 and still have bad skin, that means 25 years of acne wow...... is there a suicide emoji
  3. I'm wondering if I'm purging or breaking out? Is it too soon to tell? How long should I stick with the healing oil? 4 days ago, I began using a healing oil called "Kutus Kutus" (its Indonesian). It claims to fix many problems, like acne and acne scars. I apply the oil to my problem areas. Ingredients: I can't find a full list of ingredients anywhere but some of the ingredients are Coconut oil, Gaharu, Ashitaba Leaf, Purwoceng, Pule, Intaran / Neem, Temulawak, Bunga Lawang, Ginger,
  4. the last step is true. and I need to remember it more. thanks!
  5. pretty much just hate myself. my acne isn't that bad but I've had points in my life when it was super awful and i'm paranoid that my skin will go back to those dark times. as I said before, my skin isn't so bad right now, but I still find it fucking ugly. I hate the redness, white heads, and zits. I have so many little whiteheads. and the scars, don't get me started. it's a recipe for ultimate self hate. I've tried everything: eating well, taking supplements, you name it. I can't believe I