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  1. I have been going through this site ever since June/July 2007. This site has been my source of inspiration, tears, experimentation and what not. In short, this site has been my friend through it all. One of the things that I am really really hooked to is reading the new posts every 5-10 mins. But what I regularly see is people talking about their acne, how to cure it, their experiments, their emotional struggle etc. I have yet to come across a thread that just talks about - yes, I cleared m
  2. I have been clear for two weeks now and have been taking DIM for around three weeks. But it is getting extremely difficult for me to pinpoint what exactly is working for me. Along with DIM, I am taking a small dose of antibiotics (oxytertracycline) and my regime of Diacneal plus GA 15% is helping me a lot.
  3. Depending on how dry my skin is that day I have a selection of three different moisturisers that I choose from. One of them is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. No break outs or any irritations ever and a very good product as far as I am concerned.
  4. Hey Helpme, don't worry about being prescribed with Accutane. Here in the UK, the derms / GPs will suggest every possible creams / antibiotics before they give you accutane.
  5. Hi Darkcraze, Am UK based and a lot of people in this forum rave about Eucerin. After reading all the reviews I bought two Eucerin products, one with 5% urea and the other with 10% urea. I found the 10% urea more suited for my skin and is a better moisturiser than the one with 5% urea. The 5% has lactic acid which irritated my skin slighlty. However, I do not use BP so cannot comment on how it reacts with BP. A good bet would be to use Jojoba oil. You can get a Desert Essence bottle fro
  6. Yes, there is hope. Give it three months at least. I started on Dianette (this is what its called in the UK) on Jan3rd and now I am completely clear. Ofcourse I have used antibiotics and been on vatious regimes during this period. So can't really say whether Dianette alone has cleared me. It is a good idea to visit your derm. I was stubborn and waited for 4 months before visiting my dern, but once I got prescribed with oxytetracycline (an antibiotic) my cystic acne got cleared in a matter o
  7. The best way to take revenge on some one is to make the invisible. I mean, ignore them completely and lead your life the way you want to. The more importance you give this girl, the more her words and actions will hurt you. And the best revenge is to be successful in life. So just concentrate on your studies and work and if ever a situation arises control yourself and tell yourself that this girl does not exist in your world. I say this from my personal experience and I know it works......
  8. prettyplain

    1st week January 2008

    This is how I looked at the beginning of the year and though my face has improved a lot, I just need to remind myself how much I have changed in these two months
  9. Awww...thats so touching. In my case, I must say its my husband. Come what may, he is always there to encourage me and also to give me an objective opinion about my face. He coaxes me to try out products which he believes will erase my acne forever. Because he is a handsome bloke, I get conscious while going out with him. Don't want people to think that he has ended up with an ugly gal. We have spent so much of money on buying these so-called miracle creams and pills. Yet, he never says
  10. Hi Paul, why don't you try this site? http://bestherbalsolutions.co.uk/html/dim.html.
  11. Started on DIM from yesterday. Shall keep everyone posted on the updates. By the way, I got my stock from Nature's Way.
  12. Yes acne is a big lesson in life for me. I am a very curious person by nature. When I got married a second time, I pestered my husband to talk about his first wife. Ofcourse I was jealous 'cause she is a very accomplished lady in terms of career and studies. Since I could not find any faults with her, as I did not know her personally, I would often go through their old photo albums. When I first saw her picture, I was struck by how her face was completely covered with acne. Big, horrible,