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  1. If anyone is actually reading any of my posts and actually look at the pictures I would like to point out, in the second picture my shelves were all pulled out by my roommates asshole cat
  2. So I guess my skin has calmed down a little. My lips have never been worse though and my hair is getting VERY oily by the end of the day which really sucks. I've decided the hyperpigmentation just isn't going to go away until after this treatment I guess but I'm just ready for the zits and scabs and darker scars to heal and go away. My lips were so bad that during my dermatologist appointment one of the first things he said was that my lips look painful. He told me to get doctor Dan's, which you
  3. My skin is literally getting worse by the day. Im really frustrated bc I'm in the third month and my skin was looking so much better just two weeks ago. Every single day I have gotten atleast one new zit. My lips are killing me and my face is dry and oily at the same time again which hasn't happened since like the first half of the first month. I loved comparing my acne pictures week by week because it would slowly get better but now I'm looking at it again and it's slowly getting worse. I hones
  4. This has absolutely not been my week. Maybe because they didn't up my dosage and my skin has gotten used to 60mg a day? Idk. My skin is feeling pretty oily again and my lips are a million times worse. They are almost constantly bleeding and burn because they're so dry and I use every thing under the sun to moisturize them and they refuse to heal. Those I can atleast deal with bc I care so much more about my skin than my lips. But my skin has gotten worse this past week. Four new friends popped u
  5. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to benzol peroxide but I use salicylic spot treatments for a spot that hurts and hasn't exactly developed and then I use calamine lotion for spots with a head.
  6. Finally went back to my dermatologist this past Wednesday and he said that I'm making good progress! He's keeping me on the same dosage of 30mg twice a day which just confused me because I have absolutely no idea how they decide dosages, I thought he'd up it a little at least but he did not. I actually ran out of pills a week before my appointment and my skin really wasn't happy with I developed a couple new bad boys on my face that makeup absolutely can not cover. This scares me because if I'm
  7. Skin really has not changed much in the past week but some things have. So to start with, night before Valentine's I did a face mask and shaved and exfoliated my legs. The next morning my legs were so dry and flaky as hell and no amount of lotion would help that, lucky me it's still cold outside so no one saw my legs except my boyfriend and he couldn't care less. And my face got BUMPY. Now this is a mask I've used many times before it's very gentle and I've always loved it because my face felt s
  8. Really nothing has changed since last week it's been a little slow for my skin sadly. I have gotten a few painful bumps again but only one was huge and looks like its going to scar. I used Murad salicylic acne spot treatment or whatever it's called, I'm sure any salicylic acid spot treatment works the same at this point. And on top of that I used calamine lotion. One of the spots went away surprisingly easily, one is still kinda there, and the big one on my chin directly under my lip popped on
  9. I literally rip my entire lips off before I kiss my boyfriend lmao. It might be because I'm on a higher dosage at the moment but I've been a lot dryer down there actually so lubed condoms are the way to go. Also saline spray for the nose keeps my nose from bleeding!
  10. So I missed week five but my skin hasn't changed much since week 5 anyway. My skin dryness is under control but my lips have given up on me. It might have to do with the 10 degree weather and the insane winds that come with living in the mountains that add to the dryness but my lips have never felt so bad. Burt's bees and blistex no longer work. I exfoliate them and drown them in chapstick and Vaseline but they start cracking and bleeding anyway. My skin is not that dry surprisingly but I do al
  11. So I checked in with my dermatologist today and he upped my dosage of Clavaris to 30mg twice a day. All in all this was a good month, I've definitely noticed my skin has been smoother and I'm getting a little less acne. Hopefully during this month I stop getting acne altogether but I know it's a 6 month process so I'm not sure when it's going to stop. My left cheek has no actives at all which is amazing but I do have scarring and two ugly scabs. My right cheek is still looking messy. I have a la
  12. I've almost finished my first month and it's pretty exciting actually. I feel like I'm handling the dryness well, I'm still dealing with the cold which absolutely sucks. My pink eye is gone but I have like a broken blood vessel which we do think is accutane related not pink eye related. Sadly I lost my Burt's bees chapstick so I've learned that all of my chapsticks I used to love downright suck. I love EOS and blistex but they do nothing for the dryness. Also because I've had such a bad cold and
  13. So it hasn't been three weeks quite yet but I wanted to update. So accutane really does make your immune system absolutely suck. For the past few days I've felt kinda gross but yesterday it hit me like a truck. Honestly I've been pushing aside my cold thinking it was mostly accutane related. My red eyes I just thought it was my contacts and I shouldn't be wearing them so I wore them for a shorter amount of time. My sore throat I thought it was just dry because accutane dries you out like CRAZY.
  14. So this is a pretty late week two recap mostly because I just have no clue what the days are anymore because I don't have classes over the holidays lol. Anyway my skin hasn't changed much since two days ago which would have marked end of week two. The dryness really isn't bothering me at all lately, I got a new moisturizer which is absolutely heavenly and the only dryness I've been dealing with is around my nose and lips. I've been using otc excema cream around my nose and regular Burt's bees ch
  15. Ok so it has been a week since I started and everything everyone has said about the first week is true. My skin isn't way too flaky, definitely my nose and a little of the insides of my cheeks but it's not drastic. My lips won't stop chapping but blistex has been so helpful for me. By the end of the day though my lips just feel covered in chapstick and still dry but it feels amazing to put on chapstick. Honestly I might need a new chapstick. My acne though, well anything that would have formed i