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  1. @neofox I'll update this weekend with pictures!
  2. @Sonililly: Welcome to this site, I’m also swedish! Looking forward following your journey!
  3. @floridagirl1991 @JamesL I believe you completely! The information that I've collected is that the first subcsion will not give you that much improvement....this is a process and can take up to 4 or more subscions before you notice any improvement depending on your scaring. Did you use fillers as spacer or the suction method? If not, then the risk of re-tethering is high. I'm currently recovering from my first subscion with fillers and I've yield a 10% improvement on some scars...others 0%
  4. @floridagirl1991 thank you for sharing your journey! May I ask home many subscion sessions you done?
  5. Swede_89

    Rolling scar

    @Hoatam.... you should consult with @beautifulambition who is the expert. =) But from what I can see; is that you indeed have rolling scars and should do subscion to level up your scars before you do anything else. I'm currently healing from my first subscion + fillers treatment... And you're right that fillers are not permanent but we don't want them to be. Fillers are used as a spacer after the tethering are cut. We don't want the scars to re-tethered. Suctions is another alternative. Th
  6. Hey @andys_01 Sorry for my late response. I'm not a doctor and honestly didn't know that the tip of the needle was what distinguish a nokor from a cannula - know I do!. Although, Emil has an video on instagram where he is using a Cannula needle.
  7. Thank you for sharing! It’s a tuff process...going through it myself. It’s although important to remember that you’re not going to see any improvement after one week. It takes at least 3 months for collagen to build up... and with the TCA Cross, I heard that it’s normal that the scars get wider at first but they will eventually level up - it’s part of the healing process. You’re doing great...I’m excited for you. It has been two weeks since my Subscion + fillers. I’ve been drinking lots of
  8. I went to Dr. Emil last week and he used a thinner needle for my temples. I didn't ask what the name was, but would assume that it's a cannula. He showed me three different needles that he uses - one of them being Nokor which he used on my cheeks.
  9. I'm so happy for you! Your improvements are amazing! Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing! I had my first treatment 3 days ago (subscion + fillers)... woohoo! =D Br, Swede_89
  10. -Healing Process! Treatment #1: December 14, 2018 - Nokor Subscion + Fillers Belotero Day: 24 hours after treatment Physical Condition: Swollen gone down 50%; Minimal bruises on jaw and cheek. Honestly, I had prepared myself for the worst - completely bruised. To my surprise, I've not bruised that much. I'm being very attentive to my healing process as everyone should be after any kind of treatment. So far - everything is good! Although, one of the incision points are a bit
  11. Hello Acne-Community, I've silently been following your stories and have decided to do something about my acne-scars and share my journey, as many of you have. A big SHOUT-OUT to all the moderators for the time and dedication they put into helping us. My story: As for the majority of acne-scars sufferers, my scars have affected me psychological. Before I started to see a psychologist (6 months ago), I constantly wore make-up and had a need to always look myself in the mirror. I di