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  1. only took me a couple of weeks. don't freak out
  2. Oh sweet Accutane in my case! Before that I used (a larger amount) of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant on the cysts, and folowed with MD FOrmulations Clearing Complex Gel 5% SA. In most cases this procedure elliminated the cysts in a very short time (couple of days until completely gone).. Especially effective if you catch them fuckers in the early stages..
  3. Relax. It's probably ok.. Try it out. Stop it if your skin gets to irritated..
  4. www.strawberrynet.com Does anyone have any experience with them? I am expecting my package tomorrow, just wondering how other people out theres experiences are.. They seem relatively serious, but most important the are VERY cheap (in comparison with scandinavian prices) so I can get all my favourite Dermalogica products..
  5. Havent tryed it, but MD Formualtions has a Body Complex Clearing Spray" for back/body.. My experience with the clearing complex for the face is VERY good.. So I do have a good feeling about this product, even though I never had bacne problems worth mentioning.. http://www.mdformulations.com/shopping/pro...4&iProductID=93 Good luck!
  6. My personal experience is that you don't have to freakin paranoid on behalf of your skin when on accutane. Try the exfoliator just a little bit and see if its ok. I've used strong SA products (Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Medicated CLearing Gel 2% & MD Formulations Claering Complex 5% SA) without any problems while on a 40mg dosage..
  7. We'll, as I've stated earlier on this board, the Dermalogica Medicated Clearing Gel 2% SA made sure my initial breakout never occured. Used for about the 3-4 first weeks on 40mg, and just stopped using it when Accutane kicked in for full power, and i got slightly sensitive. I was COMPLETELY clear in my eight week.
  8. Dermalogica's Medicated Clearing Gel 2% SA (Special Clearing Booster can also be used in addition). I simply love them!
  9. I can acutally really recommend dermalogica, I LOVE their products!
  10. Also look into what kind of styling products you use, they're often comodogenic.. I use a product from loreal professional, and it doesnt even make me brake out if i get it on my face..
  11. I'm on 40mg a day, side-effects have been very little noticable, mostly.. For over 2 months now, I've had sores in both corners of my mouth (cold-sores might be the word for it?).. I've tryed several topicals (lipbalm, savex, bacimycin, herstat, moisturisers etc) They do mostly help a little by easing pain and softening the skin, some also make the sores grow back a little, but they never fully disappear! I really hope some of you now how to cure this, cause it's really tearing me apart.. I had
  12. A lot of people are really over-wurrying about their skin while on accutane (mark; I mean those on normal/low doses)! Unless it contains a very high amount of acid.. Try it! If it irritates your skin, just stop using it..
  13. Accutane is absolutely for moderate acne too!