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  1. I hate the #$%^ing acne... We all have some problem or the other to deal with all the time.. on top of it this Acne.. Life's not fair.
  2. You can buy Aloe Vera Plant and use the Gel from Leaf direclty, The Cysts that were forming on my jaw line beacme flat w/o forming into puss or scar ater rubbing the Gel from the leaf onto it. It's a miracle for me, My Jawline Break outs always formed into bigger bastards before. However I found that its not much effective on acne on the other parts of face.
  3. ...when rest of the body doesnt itch.. I have stopped applying everything on my face. yet now I am sitting in front of my comp in the offie and face starts itching at different spots, Last nite it was more... Any insight?
  4. Use concealer to cover up, It works great.. I used it last week, felt silly at first but after applting, the confidence bounced back. Had a great time..
  5. .. I had 100% clear skin 8 months ago for abt 2 months, then taking it for granted I started abusing my face and diet, Paid me off dearly with zit a day. If I cud go back in time, I wud stay away from Proactive wud not increase the dosage of Retin-A Stayed away from Nivea Daily scrub for men
  6. Yesterday I picked a Tea tree oil bottle from savon. I had small pimple forming, applied the stuff on that and to my surprise the spot had turned into a white head bit lrger than the orginal spot, Is it normal with tea tree oil? Thanks
  7. After proactive, I went from twice a week break outs to daily break outs, and the Break outs were much severe.. I wish could sue those bitches for saying on TV that the condition never gets worse before getting better.. I used it for 2 weeks
  8. I am brown skinned naturally.. scars are darker than the skin color.. so it's still bad..
  9. It says Retino-A on the tube, active ingredient is Tretinoin, Same as Retin-A I guess, I am using the cream. Thanks Guys for the suggestions, I will give Retin-A one more shot with very less quantity. One more question, Sometimes I feel, my face is clean and no irritaion, but other days like today, I feel like very oily and scratching my face at few places, Is it because of the Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser?, Does any one has the same eperience, May be it's time to switch over to Cetaphil Mo
  10. Where to Buy this tea tree oil? Please let me know if this can be bought in stores like riteaid savon or walgreens, Brand name would be very helpful.. I need it so badly Thanks
  11. Thanks.. Face Morning - I use Basis Soap for cleansing then Neutrogena Oil free Moisturiser Night Neutrogena Cleaser - Normal to Oily Skin and Retino - A after 20 mins of cleansing Also Hot and cold wash Intake GNC Mega man - after meals in the noon and night 2 cloves of Garlic in the night (since 1 .5 weeks) Lots of water (with lemon when at home) Stopped - Milk, Breakfast bars. protein shakes a month ago My acne was mild cystic before 2 months then I used Proactive for 2 weeks and the c