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  1. heya! thanks soo much 4 ure reply! r i was thinking about getting my gp to refer me to a derm but you could wait quite a while to see one and im desperate! lol but then again if i go private it will cost a bomb! anyway thanks again 4 ure help :D
  2. oh my gosh! im exactly the same! i dont really make the effort to 'try' and look nice these days,dont wear any makup,scrape my hair back in a ponytail or bun,dress down...i dont really see the point because its not going to take away the fact that i have acne...just cant wait for the when im clear so i can wakeup,look in the mirror,fix my hair nice,put a lil makup up and wear a really nice outfit and feel good about myself!
  3. so iv'e been doing lots and lots of research on accutane and it seems like the last resort for me and also seems the most effective,ive been flicking through some of the before and after pictures of people who have been on accutane and the results are amazing! but i have a few questions about it... 1) first of all i wondering how much it costs? ( i live in the uk by the way) 2) does it work for people with mild/moderate acne? 3) whats the best way of getting your derm to prescribe it to you
  4. looking at celebs with 'acne' just makes me feel worse not better, someone find a picture of a celeb with severe acne....anyone got 1??!! naahhh didnt think so! its soo annoying when magazines print a photograph of a celeb with 3 pimples at the maximum and zoom in on them, i feel like saying jeeezz if you think they've got it bad you wanna take a look at my skin matey!
  5. Aw, you're ahead of the game then. Sometimes when you're feeling down you have to push yourself to go out with friends and break the cycle of isolation. You'll probably feel better if you do too. At first you may be like "I don't want to go", but when you're there you'll have a good time. It will actually take your mind off your skin if you get absorbed in having fun with your friends.
  6. I know... i have no idea why! Its just whenever i sit at the computer i have to check it! Acne.org is probably the reason i have acne! It keeps me from eating right, exercising, and washing my face. Curse you!
  7. problem number 1- you seem to be always on here! ahaha you reply so fast! maybe i do the same... But you need to get out of the computer and go make friends!
  8. hey,ive recently posted a few threads about the way my acne has been making me feel,depressed,worthless,ugly..blah de blah and that i have no social life and people have been giving me really good words of wisdom saying that i shouldnt let acne take away the best years of my life ...and actually i have started to think positive about things... i hardly ever leave the house but i know i really need to in order to get a life,so basically what im asking is what can i do to make more friends? apart
  9. only because i was in the same boat as you! My acne was bad, so i didnt do anything. One day i decided to not let it control my life, so i got friends, hobbies, and my skin cleared up! Because i felt more proactive and happy, and it slowly just started to change. But just take a chance and try to get into those circle of friends. If it turns out you dont like them, you dont have any obligation to keep hanging out with them. I have been in about 4 circles in the last school year alone beca
  10. hey! thanks so much for your reply! :D it helped a lot, just one question though, do you have to wash the lemonjuice/hotwater off before you apply the BP? or do you just let it absorb into the skin? thanks again!
  11. hey,im female,17 years old with mild/moderate acne mostly around my lower face area and was thinkking about doin dans regimen but with some different products,i have heard aloe vera is good for the skin so was thinkin bout using the body shops aloe vera cleanser,toner and spf moisturizer and the panoxyl aquagel BP 2.5%. has anyone else in the uk tried any of these products and had success?? or any other suggestions as to what to use?? thankies!