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  1. Can someone please help me deal with the bumpy texture of my skin. There are many soft white bumps (not milia) and certain bumps which have persisted for over a year or two now. They look really bad in certain camera angles. I use cetaphil face wash twice daily and a toner and moisturizer before sleep. Please help. TIA
  2. Yeah could be, now it makes sense considering that I have Jock Itch too.
  3. Whats up with my skin, it has a weird texture, white solid protrusions which on removing leave small holes/scars . I feel that some parts are also raised above the skin a little bit. Please help!!
  4. Can you guys please help me understand whats up with my skin and how to resolve it? I had been using jojoba oil but stopped to see if anything changed, but it didnt! Please help! I just wash my face once a day using clean and clear and moisturize and ie pretty much it. Overall my face has a very weird texture as you can see.