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  1. Kebs123

    Punch excision ?? Need advice

    Thankyou BA . Are you telling botox is the best option for these type of scar ? Yeah i know because they used gauge needle instead of nokor, Nokor is not readily available here in manila. And i have some icepicks scarring on my cheeks .
  2. Just wondering if these type of scar will be okay for a punch excision ? I had done several treatments like subcision, rf needling, lasers. But very little improvement. Planning to do punch excision . Any advice?
  3. Kebs123

    Sebum makes enlarge scars

    But i do have acne scars , my pitted scar looks larger when my face become oily . Im on isotret low dose 10mg a day when the pill is on working my scars shrinks .
  4. Kebs123

    Sebum makes enlarge scars

    Need advice , I notice my scars get wider/larger when my face is oily. And somedays my scars shrinks when my skin is dry. Anybody here who experience this ?
  5. Kebs123

    3 weeks post microneedling at home

    I used it once only. And i think i will wait for 1 month for my next treatment. My subcision 1 year ago. I did 3 passes , first pass 1.5 - 2nd 1.75 - 3rd 2mm
  6. Kebs123

    3 weeks post microneedling at home

    @tasinhoooo Yea its hard to believe . im sure 100% my pic is not photoshopped. And im not using any moisturizer bcoz i have oily skin .
  7. Recently I bought Dr.pen (derma pen), just want to try it for my scars on my temples . temples are hard to treat . I had 2 subcision combined with laser before and I got minimal improvement . So i decided to buy dermapen . I waited for 3 weeks to subcide the swelling . I know microneedling alone is not much effective , but I was surprised by the results, my scars now are very soft edges compared before . honestly its hard to make the same lighting.