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  1. does anyone know of any pads i could buy at the drugstore that remove oil from you skin, but not the cover up?. I've been having alot of trouble with this lately cos my skin gets ultra oily in about 3-4 hours after washing it. thanks
  2. so last night i was trying to get rid of a blackhead out of my nose and i pushed it real hard and it left a big mark that looks like a red mark. im wondering if this is a redmark or is it just a bruise, like will it fade in a couple daysor will it take the same amount of time as a redmark. if anyone has experienced this, it would be cool if they could tell me so i dont freak out.. thanks.
  3. hey i just wanted to say that ive been using baking soda for around 6 weeks or so, and its helping with red marks alot. i tried herbal logix but it didnt do anything. the baking soda works good for me because my skin is so oily, and it wipes away all the oil. as for the other things in this regimen, the egg mask and vinegar, ive tried the vingar but it made me all red and im too lazy to do the egg mask. thanks so much for the idea of the baking soda, allthough im prety sure its been suggested be
  4. so my skin is pretty clear but i have alot of red marks. im a guy, but i still want to look good hah, so i need some help. my skkin tends to get oily towards the end of the day. what i need is something simple to cover up my red marks a bit (i dont care if theyre perfect, just a little better) that i can get in a drugstore. im white but my skin isnt too pale. if anyone could recomend a product that i could get quickly at a drugstore in the u.s. that i could tell my mom is just a moisturizer, i
  5. so im going on the 7th to get vbeam done for stretch marks, but i figured i might as well try it on my face for redmarks, cos other than the PIH, im pretty damn clear. the problem is im going to an important event on the night of the 7th, and theres gonna be this girl there who always takes pictures everytime she goes out with friends. so i was wondering if the vbeam would leave me ultra red, and for how long if it does? any replies as soon as possible, would be one less thing for me to worry
  6. so i went to my dermatologist a few months back who prescribed minocycline and differin. i used the minocycline which worked well and cleared me up, but for a topical i stuck with BP because i was confident and knew it worked. the double anti-bacteria approach works well, but i am not completely cleared. so i went back for a check up today and when he asked if i was on the differin twice a day, i told him what i used. yes to the minocycline, but a ton of 2.5 BP. he said that the BP was like a s
  7. supposed to happen in LOS ANGELES?! i live here. i better start paying attention to the news. oh well im a pretty optomistic person. anyways, i've read through some of this and it sounds pretty interesting, at least the baking soda and ACV. so, i hardly break out anymore, but i still have alot of PIH (red marks). I had a few questions about fitting this into my regimen. first off, i take minocycline which fights off about 50% of my acne. at night i wash with cetaphil and lay about a finger of
  8. ya i was thinking the same, except my stomach's not too strong. and im not fretting over 1 pimple. i have pretty significant acne, but it just happens that i have one right on my lip when a girl wants to kiss me. oh well i guess ill just suck it up.
  9. so there was this party tomrrow night that ive been looking forward to going to. and i heard yesterday that this girl that was going had a mega crush on me and wanted to make out with me. well its 3 oclock the day before and i got a pimpleon my lip. it must be my fate, i havent gotten any with the ladies in forever and my confidence is shot. what should i do, if i dont want to go to the party??
  10. well it looks as if my regimen im on has finally cleared me up after about 8 months of torture. when i think of me with clear skin, i just think of me with confidence. it changes you so much and i just like to think of how outgoing im going to be when it is completely gone. i remember about 1 year ago when i had it mild, i was still an extremely outgoing person. then it got bad and everything changed. it has changed me alot and made me more humble, but i just like to think of all the women im g
  11. sorry i didnt read the replies, just the original post. but if you feel uncomfortable about bacne, wear a WIFE-BEATER. she wont be able to see it at all. and if she does, its not like its going to seriously bother her.
  12. well if i were you, (sorry i didnt read the post, i just looked at the pictures) if youre uncomfortable being shirtless, just wear wife beaters. thats what i do even though my acne is pretty mild on my chest. hope it helps. plus if you get quality ones, you can wear them and have style. just my two cents
  13. After looking online I found some different places that sell a lotion with emu oil in it. On some of the websites, they said emu oil was non comedogenic but they didnt specify the product being non comedogenic. i would suppose the products themselves would be non comedogenic but some of the ingredients looked suspicious. here are links to some of the products. also, would a lotion work just as good in moisturizing my face as something labelled "moisturizer?" like will it provide moisturizer for
  14. wait, so where can i buy this gel, online or in a drugstore? and can i use this as a daytime moisturizer or is it just for the night? I'm looking for a good day moisturizer (if it helps fade red marks that would be fucking perfect). thanks in advance.
  15. I am a huge fan of using emu oil as a NIGHT moisturizer. but i was wondering if there is a lotion or moisturizer with emu oil that is non comedogenic (suitable for acne prone skin), that i could use as a day moisturizer. the pure emu oil is the best moisturizer i have come across except it is an oil, so it gives me with a greasy complexion after i put it on. that is why i need a "moisturizer" with emu oil in it. any replies, thanks in advance.