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  1. Okay so I got back from my first glycolic peel a few hours ago and I can notice maybe a little bit of improvement. The people who did my peel claim that I would have to do a series of 6 peels. 3 at 25% and then another 3 and 50% and when that is all over I would notice a significant change. that all seems well and good, But the reason I made this topic is that the people who did my peel claim that if I don't treat my skin in the days between peels(i.e. cleansing and toning and such) then there
  2. does drinking sometimes make anyone elses red marks kinda "swell up"? why does this happen soemtimes?
  3. the only oily part of my face is my nose, how i wish it would go away..
  4. I don't no, it just seems really far-fetched that a skin peel or facial could get rid of red marks... otherwise it would be all the rage and everyone would be getting it done.
  5. I used to feel like you, the people with severe acne get Accutane then get 100% clear, but the people stuck with mild acne don't get Accutane and are stuck with a few little pimples 24/7. It's kinda frustrating huh, but I think you should keep trying for Accutane. I took it and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  6. You're basing breaking up with him because he smokes, and you think maybe his smoking is causing your acne? Well i can say, if you break up with your boyfriend, you're still going to be the same person with the same acne, minus a boyfriend...
  7. someone move this to "red marks left after acne" i didn't want this topic in this section?
  8. Can someone whose had multiple or just one AHA skin peel please PM me. I'd like to discuss some things i'm not sure about i.e. benefits, side effects, recovery period, etc.
  9. What a coincidence!

  10. That Still Ill line was my old personal statement, haha.