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  1. I'd say try antidepressants if this is affecting every aspect of your life. I'm glad you're going to someone for help. Prayers.
  2. I can relate. I feel like I spend so much time cleaning and preparing my face. I listen to audiobooks while I'm doing it so at least I'm entertained... I just want to feel normal and beautiful. After all the pimples go, now you have scars and hyperpigmentation.
  3. https://www.futurederm.com/spotlight-on-squalene-a-natural-moisturizer-found-in-skin-2/ An excellent choice if you have extremely dry skin yet battle a fungal infection... My skin was so dry and flaking it hurt and looked awful. I was recovering from a demodex overpopulation and a fungus issue. Squalane helped immensely...almost overnight...in helping moisturize my face yet not make it worse.
  4. Not all moisturizers feed fungal infections. Squalane oil is excellent at moisturizing face and doss not feed fungus. Cerave moisturizing cream I believe also does not feed fungus. There is an entire list online of moisturizers that do not feed fungus.
  5. Everyone but babies. You're not born with them but they are a natural part of human skin flora. So, yes. Generally 80%+ of adults have demodex.
  6. Actually, they quite often go hand in hand with each other. Everyone has demodex so if you either develop a sensitivity to their excrement or an overpopulation of them, the results are usually misdiagnosed.
  7. Also, an oral dose of ivermectine may be necessary. Once a week for 6 weeks. You will need that prescribed, though, usually.
  8. That sounds like a good plan. I recommend ivermectin cream, not scabies cream. Soolantra (prescription).
  9. Possible demodex (facial mite) overinfestation. Everyone has them, but if their numbers grow out of control (usually because your immune system isn't working correctly) then they cause enlarged pores, weird texture, itching, etc... they eat collagen so that's why skin texture gets crazy and bumpy. Ivermectin pills and cream are the only reliable method of killing the overpopulation.
  10. I'm sorry for your bad day. Have you tried spironolactone?
  11. Wow! I want to try this but am scared I'll break out.
  12. You won't see changes for months. I am in month 3 of both spironolactone and beyaz birth control and ha e just recently started seeing some good changes. It's gone from 1 step forward to 2 steps back --to 2 steps forward and 2 step back. Small baby steps .
  13. I love this. It is important to remember who we can be if we work on ourselves!
  14. KarenM


    Unfortunately, no. You can make your own ivermectin face cream (aka soolantra) with horse paste and cetaphil face lotion. If it is mites, you'll see a die off and results in 3 months. They have a long life cycle so you have to kill them off then the new ones hatch then you kill them with the cream. 3 months...