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  1. Deff try to stay stress free and get enough sleep, but acne can have so many causes and sometimes there's no real cause at all except genetic factors. If possible, I would go see a dermatologist and give him all your medical history and as much info as you can on what was going on in your life or diet, etc. around the time you started breaking out. Maybe it's something as simple as an allergy to a food or fabric softener. Good luck on the journey!
  2. Acne can come on as an adult or even get worse.... I've heard of that. My sister was totally clear until she was 30. Also, I've heard of women having acne problems after pregnancy and all though breastfeeding and then it went away... probably because your hormones are still blazing to allow you to breastfeed. Personally, I have had horrible breakouts with all forms of hormonal birth control I have tried... I'm lumping IUDs in this category, because I'm pretty sure they do work by changing your h
  3. You have a type of non inflammatory acne. I know exactly what you're talking about! It seems like dry rough skin, but then it kind of pills off and if you look closely you can probably see tiny spear like protrusions sticking out of your pores? If not, then you are lucky it doesn't get that bad! I have heard of a lot of women having different skin issues after pregnancy for a while. Biore Pore Strips can pull them out if you get your nose good and hot with water first. Hot water will soften up t
  4. You have the same type of acne I have. The only thing that helps at all is getting my pores clearer and the only thing that gets the little plugs out at all has been soaking a microfiber washcloth in as hot of water as I can stand and getting my face warm with it then gently massaging the areas that are clogged. Be sure to keep the washcloth and your skin as warm as possible at all times because that melts the crap thats plugged in your pores. Also, Biore pore strips work, but only if you get yo
  5. I think Bare Minerals is the devil lol. They make me look old and gross and clog up my pores. Bare Minerals = BREAKOUT!
  6. On some people they are genetic or related to allergies and sinus problems... they do NOT go away. Any TV ads you see for products is a total lie. I have asked several Drs. Fortunately, you can easily cover them if you are willing to wear a little makeup ;-). That is the only thing that will do the job... I'm sorry to break it to you, but hey, Brad Pitt and George Clooney wear it, so how bad can it be right? In case you are willing to wear makeup, the most natural looking and feeling cover up I
  7. I wouldn't bother with this...I would think you are better off soaking your face in some hot water (unless you have roseacia), because that increases circulation to the face, witch promotes healing and regeneration. I would think the cold packs would only cause your skin to tighten in response to the cold for a couple minutes. I would do internal anti-inflammatory stuff instead... eat tumeric, green veggies, take vitamins, drink water.... those are proven to help with collagen and elastane form
  8. I have sensitive skin and that ingredient doesn't break me out, but everyone is different. I would try a tiny spot on ur face that you can like easily hide w/ makeup or something lol. I mean other than a patch test on your own face, no one could really answer that question for you. Oh, but yes, I have heard it breaks some people out, but usually everything breaks me out so ... Since it doesn't, I don't think it's a particularly irritating ingredient. It's a 1 for comodeogenicity on the list on p
  9. My Dr said anything that pulls on or vibrates the skin is only going to cause further sagging. There is a medical device you can use through your dermatologist that tightens skin slightly, but I'm not sure how much difference it makes vs it's cost. Your Derm can give you all that info though. Don't go to one of those "med spas" ... they are total robbers who will sell you on whatever they are pushing this week... waste of money! If the weight loss is very recent, your skin may not have naturall
  10. I second Yvogue! Sea salt will dry you out big time and cause irritation by disrupting your moisture barrier. Unfortunately Jojoba oil breaks me out. I did several oil methods but my skin didn't like it. I do best if I soak a washcloth in HOT water and then get my face good and red and then rub it lightly to get the gook out. Works better than any acids or oils I have ever used.
  11. I have found that if I avoid eating fats one week before and all during my period, I only get about 10% of the breakout I get otherwise. Limit the fat intake and your body can't synthesize the sexual hormones, so they don't rage as much = less acne
  12. you could even try crushing and dissolving some aspirin in water and applying that to your face. I haven't tried it but my friends like it.
  13. Yup! I always had a worse time with acne using almost any cleansers. I actually prefer just to use hot water now and skip the soap all together. You've probably just named the best one though for those who need a cleanser but have sensitive skin.
  14. Good news!: Vitamin A can't give you acne... it is the same as accutane and that can't give anyone acne so you are safe on that front. Accutane is a synthetic form of Vitamin A, so basically your doctor is giving you a slightly less toxic version of Vitamin A poisoning, which is the same thing you will be doing taking 20,000 iu of Vit A ... People's skin does usually purge when they first start taking it. For me (I took Accutane) it was a little red for like 2 weeks and broke out and then it pee
  15. OMG I feel your pain with the peeling! I'd stop the Retin-A. Talk to ur derm about how bad it is for you... it shouldn't be making you peel after the first few uses. It was way to harsh for my skin and so my derm took me off it. The Retin-A, if it's that irritating, could even be furthering your breakout cycle. Since It's hormonal acne, I have found that limiting my fat intake, especially the week before and all during my period really helps me to not get a big "time of the month" breakout. I en