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    White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Hey Guys, glad to see an active community providing solutions for our type of acne! I went through my entire teenage years with skin clear as day, then Bam, at about age 20 this itchy, angry, pus filled rage acne started. I was prescribed dalacin T, a topical cream containing clindamycin. This cleared my acne completely for about a year but alas, the acne has returned and Dalacin T no longer has any effect. I was sick a few weeks ago and was not able to eat much of anythingfor about a week. During this week my acne cleared significantly, leading me to believe this must be diet related. I've noted many of the suggestions already posted but if anybody relates to my situation and has a solution i would love to chat. The Photos I've attached are only 4 days apart. It appears heals then reappears quite quickly. Thanks guys.