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  1. When we make assumptions about what others are thinking, usually the conclusions that we come up with are way off. We focus on our flaws that others, often times, cannot even see. Small things are larger in our eyes. Oh, and when I met you, I thought you had a FANTASTIC body, although I could only see your pretty eyes, I'm sure your face looks as good as the rest of you.
  2. First, these are not articles, they are just merely posts from a message board. Secondly, in the first post the person said that they had a dermabrasion 10 years ago, the aftercare methods and healing time changed significantly over the years due to new technology, in addition to the amount of down time from the dermabrasion.
  3. I have read posts from MANY patients that report severe changes in their skin texture, hypopigmentation, new scars.. He shouldn't accept patients with minimal scarring or dark skinned because dermabrasion is too aggressive and dangerous for them, but still he does. He should warn about the real complications of dermabrasion.. but he doesn't even do that, from what i have read. ←