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  1. my suggestion would be to try some vitamin e oil, or possibly an egg white and lemon mask because that's known to get rid of suntans..maybe that'll do the trick?
  2. I was just curious, does anyone know anything about taking probiotics alongside antibiotics? Obviously I don't mean popping the two at the same time, but what sort of effect will it have? I'm currently on lymecycline (tetralysal) and was thinking about taking some probiotics to see if that did anything. Thoughts?
  3. good to hear man. i found it works better too because when i put cream on my face, it actually soaks into my skin and works on marks better rather than losing half of the cream through hair! haha. just did an egg whites and lemon juice mask..worked pretty well.
  4. it works for me yeah. everyone is different though so i don't wanna tell you to go and do it. when i grew my facial hair, it made my skin really dry and itchy and i got spots up all over the place. now i shave and don't have the problem and feel as if i'm actually making progress.
  5. mate, exact same situation i'm in. i had annoying acne, but then i got it all solved through antibiotics and whatnot and i was able to shave every day and be a pretty good looking guy with flawless skin, and this was less than 2 years ago. then last christmas (2008), things got worse for some reason and i've been battling it all over again since then. at the moment, i've got a cluster of red marks either side of my mouth and nose which have been fading okay over the past few weeks, but they're s
  6. Hi guys, For the past couple of months, I've been trying to get rid of my acne without using antibiotics because I don't want to have to rely on them. I've been taking probiotics because of the health benefits and general digestive benefits you get from then (also to replace good bacteria lost from when I was on antibiotics). I did a lot of reading concerning the digestive system causing acne, and noticed that when eating certain foods, it flares up a little bit if I get stuffed from eating to
  7. Yes you can mate, you can get it on prescription. Skinoren cream is 20% which is what I used and found pretty damn good, or Finacea gel is another one I had a month with (they messed up my prescription) which is 15% and seemed to work better on spots, but not as good on red marks.
  8. I had acne pretty bad at one point, like the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2008, I went on tertacycline and used that in combination with skinoren cream. For the whole year, my face was flawless, I mean absolutely nothing wrong with it, no marks, no spots, nothing but pure clear. At the beginning of this year, I came off of the antibiotics and had a few spots come on my jawline, nothing major and treatable. However, I've moved to the Middle East from the UK and the climate is a lot more hu
  9. Try an aspirin mask? You can put it on the ones that feel flat I guess. If you put it on the bumps, that'll probably draw them so you can treat them. I'd recommend Finacea gel because that treats red marks as it's azelaic acid, but it's also designed to treat bumps as well and works very well on whiteheads.
  10. Look into the egg white mask. don't do it if your skin is dry from the retin-a though.
  11. Yup, I've used it before - Skinoren Cream 20% and it worked absolute miracles. I agree about not putting all over your face, as I used to because it takes ages to rub in and will lighten your skin in areas that aren't affected. Don't go over the recommended time usage though which I think is 6months, but it's a 100% yes from me.
  12. Hi guys, I've realised that I've been missing out a perhaps fundamental part of a routine and need some help. Normally, my day consists of waking up, washing my face and have a shave then moisturise. I'll wash the moisturiser off about half an hour later otherwise I'm greasy for the whole day (I live in Dubai so it's very humid) and put either some azelaic acid cream on or an aspirin mask. Then I'll be at work, and sometimes (very rarely) I'll wash my face with cold water if I've got a bit hot
  13. I've read a few things about sea water being good for your skin..I live about 5 minutes away from the beach in Dubai where the sea is really warm and really salty, but have been reluctant to go under the water with my head in fear of what it'd do to my skin. I've read largely positive reviews about the sea water..what is everyone's opinion on it? Worth a shot?
  14. Hi guys. Basically, last week I went for my repeat prescription of Skinoren Cream 20%, but they'd mixed it up with Finacea gel 15%. After reasearching it, I thought I'd give it a try and it seems to be doing alright. Yesterday, I moved to Egypt to and today I've been out in the sun all afternoon. Stupidly, I didn't put any sunscreen on my face. Tonight, after looking in the mirror, I've got a sunburn across my nose and under my eyes, but my face is kinda bleached on my cheeks from the cream or
  15. bit of a stupid question i guess, but i'm not a very good cook! how do you do the egg whites mask? i don't even know how to make egg whites!