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  1. when the red spots on the forehead go, will it be better?
  2. is it a bad forehead huh? Why use Differential, Retina A?
  3. Thank you dear friend for the answer. Do you think it will be possible to make it invisible?
  4. I do not give rest to my forehead. Is there anyone on this site who has achieved good results on their foreheads? and I do not understand where the red spots? in bad light can they look like scars? Local dermatologists say my forehead is not so bad. but I see the opposite this is the worst lighting
  5. Dear, tell me please. I have a plastic surgeon in my town, I asked him if he could do subcisia, he said that yes, but it seems to me that he never did. How do you think you can trust? and how many percent of the red elements on my forehead you think will not turn into scars?
  6. subcision is needed only on the cheek? on the temple is not necessary? and after subcision you cannot put infini rf on those places? cheek can heal? And 1 subcise is enough for me?
  7. Thank you very much dear person, tell me how can I thank you? And I still have a couple of questions. I have lasers in town - sciton bbl and m22 with a vascular filter, which one is better to choose for red spots? And I also have scars on my temples and cheeks, but it seems to me that they are rolling, you could not tell them, can they be treated like a forehead?
  8. In general, it is not so bad scars? Are there more red spots that create the illusion of scars? How do I behave properly with the procedures if I finished roaccutane two months ago? First do botox, two weeks later infini rf? and then how much wait idle time for the following procedures? and many procedures need infini rf? TCA normal or cross? Sorry, there is so much question, I want to do everything well, there is no hope for the doctors here.
  9. Yes, sorry I do not know English. Does this mean the forehead is not curable? Will I ever see a smooth forehead? ( help me make the treatment correctly, please I have already done two procedures on the device m22 with a difference of 2 weeks.