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  1. thanks! Started a healthy diet today...we'll see how it goes as this is not the first time I've tried it.
  2. This sounds very interesting.........I wonder where we can get it.......any idea?
  3. I use the aqua glycolic facial cleaner about twice a week for my cystic acne. It works ok, sometimes better than other times depending on the condition of my skin. More than anything it sorta helps even out skin tone. But don't expect results over night. I've been using it for over a year. You have to use it on clean dry skin.
  4. My whole life practically (10 years) I've blamed acne for not taking risks, jobs etc because I've always been so insecure. I have always felt that acne has truly impeded me from making/doing things. But you know what?? I have to take responsibility for my life and no longer let acne impede me. Maybe my acne is a reflection of not letting go of the past, of the "what ifs" and regrets. I'm miserable now because I feel powerless because I give that importance to acne. My theory is that hopefully as
  5. I had blue-light therapy done about 2 years ago....it helped a little but not for the price I paid....but I'm gonna try incorporating good oils into my diet including evening primrose oil, I was having some success with that when I lived in SD.....
  6. You're young. Your story is very similar to mine, I took too many pills and creams when I was younger and now 10 years later my skin is paying for it with resistant acne. My advice to you is to let your body heal itself, drinks lots of water, try bp and avoid harsh chemicals. I'm 26 right now and I'm on tretinoin cream even though they had prescribed it years ago but I never followed through. Like you, I would take antibiotics for 1 month or 2 until it cleared up, and a few months later it was w
  7. Wow...thanks everyone! Deep down inside I knew this (but not to the extent that duchamp mentioned, thanks so much for that info) but really I just wanted someone who's been there to tell me...I kept changing my mind about 5 times a day. My family's seen me suffer for years, at first my mom flipped out when she saw all the side effects and so did I so I didn't do it the first time the doc offered it....I was 17 back then. Now that I'm 26 my mom is encouraging me to just get it over with, to take
  8. Ok, so a little about myself. I'm 26 years old. I've had acne since I was 17, nearly 9 years. I suffer from bacne as well....yeih . I've been on many types of oral antibiotics, creams (prescribed and otc). I've tried diet changes in the past, zinc, vitamins, lifestyle changes. Some of this worked temporarily but not to the point where I felt confident, but the moment I skipped, it came back with a vengance. I have come to the conclusion that I have resistant infected acne. I went to the derm 2
  9. Hi Duchamp, these products didn't work for me in the past because they made me break out horribly (which is an IB) and I stopped right away instead of continuing, they say things get worse before they get better....but I just didn't see the end in sight so I assumed they didn't work for me....maybe they don't. That was years ago. I'm known for starting treatments then reading reviews, then freaking out and stopping. Now I'm 26, not that I'm more mature but I am older and I just really want to
  10. Hey I'm on the exact combo like you for 1 month because next month (end of May) I start accutane. I had taken minocycline in the past (years ago) and it made my acne resistant....I regret it big time. But this time it's only for 1 month until I can go on the accutane, hopefully it will help with the IB..........I'm super freaked out about it...keep us posted with your progress.
  11. duchamp, yes my acne is severe. Prior to seeing the derm I stopped using bp (two weeks ago) because I wanted him to see me skin "broken out" more than usual. The derm didn't hesitate to prescribe accutane. I'm supposed to start next month but I'm still not sure. I asked about aczone, and he said it's usually prescribed post-accutane....for now he put me on minocycline (which I've tried in the past) and tretinoin cream (which messed up my face in the past) and bp in the mornings 5% for the month
  12. Haven't been on this site for months. I'm going to the derm tomorrow (finally, after waiting 3 months...but I don't know if I should be excited....they messed me up years ago and now my acne is resistant) but I'm going to ask about this even though my acne is severe....the only thing that sort of controlled it was bp but I'm tired of using it because it really dulls my skin and has given me premature wrinkles........I'm scared of using accutane, anyone with severe acne tried this?
  13. What's the secret of the e-book? I've read a book like this before....what's the difference with this one?
  14. Thanks for the advice, I usually take evening primrose oil with zinc but I haven't taken it in a couple of days, I will try incorporating extra virgin olive oil as well. I've used hiblicens twice and I don't notice a difference yet. How long did it take most of you to notice a difference?
  15. I just purchased Hibiclens today and washed my face previously with AHA then used the Hibliclens for 1 minute before rinsing it off. Right now I am experiencing the worst breakout in over 1 year. My acne is resistant to just about everything and right now its nodular and cystic and I have a lot of scarring . I really hopes this works. Today I skipped dinner barbecue at my boyfriend's house because of the condition of my face, and I hate missing out on so many things...but he totally understand