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  1. Wait time to see a derm is several months? Sheesh, thats nuts. Have you tried a parasite cleanse? This blogger Organic Olivia has a website all about it and claims it was the only thing that cleared her severe cystic acne. It’s basically cleansing your liver/bowels by drinking a special blend of herbs that kill parasites/candida. I cleared my moderate acne with spearmint capsules - those might be worth a try for you. I think they have a similar effect that spiro does. Spiro is just an androgen b
  2. Avoid spiro. Try other options.... not worth the potential hair loss and other side effects.
  3. I would DEFINITELY NOT take spiro if I were you. You say your acne is mild and you have hyperpigmenation, try a skin brightening serum (Tatcha’s has done WONDERS for me - its pricey but worth it). Spiro is NOT worth the side effects, and do you really want to be dependent on a Steroid for clear skin? Try a gut cleansing diet, a good brightening serum, some Fish oil pills and possibly spearmint if you think your acne is a hormonal issue. 100mg of Spiro is a lot to start out on and NOT worth the p
  4. I would avoid taking Accutane at all costs.. is clear skin worth all of the side effects to you? I would instead turn to a gut cleasning diet... anything but Accutane.
  5. Your GP doesn’t want to prescribe it to you for a reason.... just read other Spiro experiences on this website, that should be enough to convince you why Spiro is a bad idea. It will never be healthy for longterm. If you think your acne is because of excess androgens let me HIGHLY recommend trying spearmint capsules before you do Spiro. Spearmint has done wonders for my skin
  6. Thanks so much!! It’s been a miracle for me :) Hmm interesting question... if you have oily skin and believe that it’s contributing to your acne, then I’m thinking the capsules could possibly be useful, even my boyfriend has noticed that my skin hasn’t been nearly as oily since I began taking Spearmint capsules. I would look through the reviews here, as many other people have described how the same capsules have helped their acne/hirutism: https://www.amazon.com/Swanson-Spearmint-Digestive-Suppl
  7. Hey all! Just wanted to share my experience on this board in hopes that it may help others with their acne. I’m 26 years old and have been struggling with acne since my senior year of highschool. Throughout my teens my skin was pretty great for the most part, I was on Benzaclyn and Differin to help with a few small pimples here and there, but i never really had skin problems until i went to college. This is when my oily skin, pimples, and chin hair started to get bad. I had no idea that it was a
  8. I cannot say this enough.... Swanson Spearmint Capsules! I was on spiro for around 6 months and it basically did nothing for me except give me bad Charlie horses, low iron, and cause slight shedding of my hair (the third not being a huge problem for me as I have always had WAY too much hair anyway... hair on my head is super thick). However, I thought to myself... this can’t be a safe drug if it’s causing all these problems. Lo and behold, after googling Spiro and doing some more research, I lea