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  1. No problemo! Yeah, I was doing strictly CROSS + subcision and did those 3 times. I did subcision in August and there was virtually no tethering so decided no subcision in October and got microneedling for the first time with Rullan with CROSS. A lot more redness and hyperpigmintation and it's been 3 weeks. If it's still looking the same in 2 weeks I may go do vbeam, but things look like they're improving with the redness. I would hold off on dermablend for at least 1-2 weeks. Try to use mo
  2. It looks good. Keep the scabs on as long as possible. Use moisturizer lightly on the scabs to keep them moist and try to stay out of sunlight.
  3. The first time I did TCA CROSS I used aquaphor and some scabs came off within 3 days, and it was hard to clean the area with this stuff on whithout loosening scabs. Also, I showered but wasn't extra careful and water splashed a little on my face and scabs came off! My last treatment of TCA CROSS and when I started going to Dr. Rullan and getting phenol CROSS, I changed by avoiding water on my face and started using Cetaphil Moisturizer Lotion lightly on scabs. I just had a session with Rull
  4. It's very important for CROSS to maintain the scabs as long as possible. Vaseline and aquaphor could potentially rip off the scabs too soon even though some recommend it. I use a daily moisturizer that has vitamin E in it (cetaphil), but you can go for any light weight moisturizer. Avoid splashing water directly at your face in the shower. I'd also avoid sunscreen for a week while your face is healing. Once scabs are off and face is red, you can use creams with niacinamide or hydroquinone for th
  5. Smoking and alcohol are the two worst things for your skin. Water and exercise are the two best things for your skin. Do it.
  6. CeAve AM moisturiser with SPF 30 is a good one I've been using lately. Cetaphil has a tinted moisturiser/suncreen that is marketed for redness which I also like.
  7. Another round of subcision won't cause your scars go back to how they previously were. Yes you can do suction even though you used filler for the previous subcision.
  8. Could possibly help with pimples but zero results for any type of scars or texture issues. Light masks that claims "collagen production" is a good indicator it's a waste of time and money.
  9. Lasers are good to fix texture issues after other treatments for scars. I know because I've tried and after the swelling goes down 2-3 weeks later they all appear again. If you have ice pick, boxcar, or rolling scars look into subcision, CROSS, fillers, and microneedling. If you're not sure about your scars see a dermatologist. If the doctor wants to do laser, seek someone else.
  10. You have fairly good skin. I don't think it's wise to do any harsh treatments that can make any scars more noticeable. I'd say develop a good skincare routine if you want to lighten up some hyperpigmentation.
  11. Could take up to a week and maybe a little over a week. The longer your scabs are left on the better. Keep 'em lightly moisturized and don't get upset if scabs come off. Has happened to me and after several of these you'll get your own technique for taking care of your CROSS scabs. All about trial and error haha.
  12. Phenomenal improvement and looking good! Make sure you keep up with your aftercare, and keep those scabs intact as long as possible.
  13. Yup, I've been going through this stuff that passed 3 years when the scars have become more noticeable. I feel that when I have a lot of downtime and not busy is the worst for me and I start looking up random stuff on the web. Especially with this girl I really liked recently who I believe kept me in the friend zone because of the scars worsening. I just said screw it over the summer and stopped being afraid of looking in the mirror up close. Just want to face it no matter how bad I think it is,
  14. I don’t understand how BA is allowed to edit and hide posts by me and others. Nothing wrong with what I originally stated in my post above to have the first sentence removed. Kinda sad to see a moderator doing this.