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  1. f93d posted on Sept. 6th (page 8) pictures with the back light if you really want to see the scars in that view. I think it's a little too much for requesting things like pictures when f93d has already done so much work with putting this journal together.
  2. Sometimes it may come down to your diet. Try to see what might be causing your acne through foods by cutting certain things, such as dairy, and see if your acne improves. Wash with a cleanser every day and try to avoid popping pimples to avoid scars and possibly spreading acne to other parts of your face.
  3. Have you tried exfoliating your skin with things like chemical peels? The AHA cream offered on this site and other sites can help smooth your skin.
  4. @91baby wow amazing improvement girl! I read somewhere that your skin should be cleaned well with something like alcohol acetone for the acid to work well on the skin. Where do you get your glycolic peel from?
  5. Even though I'm not an expert like BA, I also gave advice to tryinghard when he PM'd me last month to do many subcisions with fillers (CROSS on the ice picks and boxcars) and not jump straight to a phenol peel. Phenol peel would be a massive waste of time and money because the scars are no where near level. They can predict a 90% reduction, but all it is IS a guess. I think at this point you should go talk to a therapist and figure out what you want to do with a dermatologist/plastic surgeon.
  6. Once every 1-2 months. Microneedling every week will damage your skin.
  7. It’s only a 2.5 hour drive unless you’re leaving Rullan’s office later in the day. Traffic back to L.A. about 4 hours. I wouldn’t book more than one night if you don’t want to drive in traffic. Join L.A. Fitness! Good gym and great way to keep yourself busy and healthy.
  8. As you age, your body makes less collagen, as well as facial fat loss. Acne scars become more noticeable and apparent due to this.
  9. Looking good brah. Skin appears to still be healing so give it time to heal the rest of the year and do whatever treatments you want to do when you're 100% healed next year. Funny how my left side is the worst but yours is the best ha. Besides filler, you thinking about doing something like CROSS?
  10. I'd go see a dermatologist and see if they think something like V beam would help your skin if it's just redness. I've had success with Cerave and AHA creams and also aloe vera.
  11. What are you using for aftercare if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I saw Rullan yesterday for subcision/CROSS and sculptra, but I had a lot of swelling after. Decreased about 50% today, but some still there partly because I didn't do the kenalog shot that is offered after the treatment. As far as bruising, I don't have much really if any at all, but I did CROSS had have some of those scabs still. This was my third subcision with him and he mentioned to me that there was much that re-tethered so that was a good sign. He spend maybe 8-10 minutes on each side for
  13. I would stop doing lasers for now and go with manual procedures that lazy doctors don't like to do haha. Do several subcisions with sculptra and phenol or TCA CROSS. Look into rf microneedling after doing these 2-3 times. Space out to give your skin time to heal.
  14. I'm going in 3 days after you for my third subcision/phenol CROSS. Adding sculptra and might also add microneedling seeing how great it has worked out for you. It's been 4 months since #2 due to scheduling conflicts, but glad I gave my face some time to recover and relax. Good luck buddy!
  15. I feel you as I did accutane in the 10th grade, but scars didn't show up till after high school. I'd follow BA's advice with reducing the PIE (redness). Moisturizer with niacinamide (eg. Cerave) is a good one to look into that I use. AHA creams also help with exfoliation and lightening of hyperpigmentation and acne scars (been using Nakeup AHA 10% for 3 weeks and already noticing positive effects on redness and scars). Also, tinted sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Subcision, phenol CROSS,