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  1. I've used it for a couple of years. Keeps my skin almost 98% clear You should know that it takes time before the effect is seen though... If you can, get a prescription for clindamycin or tetracycline to use with it for the first 3 months. A bit more effective. Azelaic acid is both antimicrobial and it decreases keratinization of the skin - it stops the clogging of pores.
  2. Has anyone tried doing this? I was thinking of getting some colour this spring... But I dont know if the acid will interact with my sunless tanning cream... what do you think? I've heard the colour goes orange if u use an alkaline soap for example... hopefully i want be green tommorrow
  3. Good luck with accutane. Is it easily prescribed in UK? Just remember that the side effects can be pretty severe...
  4. You could use a retinoid with azelaic acid. ←
  5. with "clear" i meant no new acne. But you'll still have scars and such after only 4 months. Give it a year and you'll have great skin I hope this works for you.
  6. Well I do not know how "bad" yours is, but mine was like 5-6 cysts + 6-12 mini pimples in the face + blackheads. I can't 100% it is going to work for you, but i would NOT give up right now if I were you. Are you still taking the antibiotics along with it? Its really important that you do, they are great for curing the temporal breakout which differin causes. And by the way, how does your skin feel right now? Itchy and red? Flaky? Smooth? Basicly I noticed some stages with differin in the beginni
  7. tetralysal 500mg ====> I mean 300mg. Sorry for that.
  8. Hi! I've been on tetralysal and differin many times. Give differin 4 months and you'll see results. Week 7-12 are THE WORST. But it will get better, just stick to the tetralysal also. That stuff cleared me 100% from cystic acne on back and "normal" acne in face. I've been clear about a year now. my regimens: Morning: Salicylic acid with alcohol on forhead area ONLY. 500mg Tetralysal (for 3 months. Then no antibiotic for 1 month. After that month i use dalacin(clindamycin) for 3 months. Then non
  9. do not use differin and azelaic acid as they use opposite function to cure you. Differin makes your skin thinner and azelaic acid makes it thicker...
  10. I'm currently using the exact combo...and im acne free now... the first 2months = hell because you'll probably breakout from the differin. But then around the third month things will get sooooo good
  11. I broke out bad as hell week 7 too, so dont give up. Im currently on clindamycin and differin...its been 4 months since i began. Im clean now Antibiotics + differin = very nice. But dont use Azelaic acid with differin though. They take eachothers effects out. (Azelaic acid making your skin thicker while differin making it thinner.)
  12. Oh, i mean they was the size of acne scars, but not exactly scar tissue, only that they were red. But anyways, the are gone now
  13. It works for me! (currently using it with differin.)
  14. Hi! been using differin for the last 6 months. With great results...but 2 days ago i got like 5-10 of these strange red marks. They look exactly like acne scars or like little red dots. They are not from old acne since they werent there when i went to sleep, when i woke up i hade these spots. dont know what they are Perhaps my skin has gotten too thin from all the differin? (though i follow the instruction only to use it once a day at night.)