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  1. ryanponeill4

    Accutane Journey

    ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK!! I have mild to sometimes moderate acne.. I've never had severe acne but it has been persistent. I've struggled with it for about 8-9 years on my chest, back, neck, and face. I'm a senior in college studying engineering and just turned 21 a couple months ago. I had moderate to severe acne on my back and shoulders until I cut dairy out of my diet a couple years ago, but the acne on my face and neck just will not go away. I've tried clindamycin phosphate topical with salicy
  2. I never had bad acne but it was always persistent so I was fed up and went on Accutane. One of the best decisions of my life. Two of my close friends went on it and saw amazing results. It has changed my lifestyle but not dramatically. I drink probably 2x the amount of water I used to and I almost abuse chapstick/ lip therapy. I can't currently life heavy because of lower back aches from it and my scalp, back, and shoulders get quite itchy sometimes. But it feels amazing not having to use a face
  3. For sure, everything is fine in moderation. Stress is def the biggest factor for me getting acne. It seems like accutane is doing wonders for my skin right now though. Have you tried a second trial of accutane maybe?
  4. Hey Paul, thank you and you too!! I'm nowhere near an expert in acne remedies or anything but heres my experience. Usually when I get acne on my chin and around my mouth my diet isn't as clean as it should be, I am very stressed, or I am touching my mouth area too much for whatever reason. In terms of my diet, too much dairy intake ( i can manage a little and be ok), highly processed food like protein bars or chocolate (my weakness), or spicy foods tend to really break me out. Also hand foods t
  5. Hi, thanks for the response. I've been on countless prescriptions and OTC drugs over the years and none have affected my lifting. So I am certain it is the Accutane causing my discomfort and I am just looking for anybody who has experienced this too and has a remedy for it. Thanks again
  6. Hi guys, I'm a powerlifter/ body builder. I just started Accutane 18 days ago and I am starting to feel back pain, especially during deadlifting. I have heard from many that Accutane does cause joint discomfort in many people. It is bad enough where it is effecting my lifts. I heard Omega 3 supplements help with the joint pain from Accutane. Is this true and is there anything else I can do. I really would like to keep lifting my normal weight progression. Thanks