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  1. Hi, can someone recommend a good place to buy derma-stamps from? Also, has anyone been able to see any positive results from needling rolling-type and boxcar scars in the temple regions?
  2. Hi, thanks for the advice. Sorry if this has already been asked before but where do you get your derma stamps from? Also, do you think a needle length of 1mm is enough to be effective? Thank you.
  3. Hi, Has anyone seen any positive results from microneedling scars located in the temple areas? From what I've heard scarring on the temples tend not to respond particularly well to microneedling, perhaps because the skin in those areas is thinner.
  4. Thanks for replying! May I know where you bought your derma-stamps from? I bought some derma-stamps from owndoc but I've noticed the quality of the smaller-sized stamps aren't very good. Also, were any of the scars that you treated located in the temple areas? I've read elsewhere that scars in these areas don't seem to respond very well to needling. Thank you.
  5. Can anyone recommend someone (esthetician/GP/dermatologist...etc) in the Sydney area who treats acne scarring with good results?
  6. Hi liquid, sorry but I just wanted to ask some more questions about the technique you used to needle your scars. Did you stretch the skin taut so that the scars are fairly level before stamping with the derma-stamp? Also, did you try to avoid needling the surrounding undamaged skin as much as possible? Does damaging the surrounding skin help to 'plump' up the scar itself? Thank you
  7. Thanks liquid. I'll stamp only every 6 weeks from now on and see how it goes. How densely do you stamp your scars btw? Is it enough to stamp each noticeable scar just once?
  8. Hi liquid, Thanks so much for returning to share your experiences. I have actually been dermastamping some severe boxcar scarring on my temples with 1mm needles every 2 weeks. It has been 9 weeks now since I first started treating my scars and I swear there is new raised scarring at the edges of some of my scars without improvement in depths overall. I haven't been overly aggressive. In fact I've been quite conservative in my approach. I don't have any before pics to refer to so perhaps it's a
  9. What sort of technique did you use when applying the dermastamp? Did you just stamp each individual scar once or did you stamp multiple times? Thanks!
  10. Hi, May I ask where you bought your dermastamp from? Also, did you use numbing cream when applying the dermastamp? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I had a pretty severe breakout last year which left me with a lot of indented scars concentrated on both temples. Usually I wouldn't mind but they're very close to my eyes and thus very noticeable. Also, on my left temple, the indentations are so close to one another that they form almost a long, single, continuous depression. I would like to get some needling done before I consider any laser treatment (with the scarring being so close to my eyes) and I was wondering if someone in Sy