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  1. @superburrito I'm aware of this list. However, I'm somewhat new to this site and there are many members who have seen these drs and shared their experiences which I'm sure there are a variety of around. I believe hearing the opinion of more seasoned members who have been reading reviews and posts for years would be beneficial to me.
  2. Just as the title asks, who would you choose if you could selected any of the acne scar experts in the us? I'm scheduled for my own second round of subcision with a Dr. where I live a week from tomorrow. I have seen improvement from the first, but each time I see him he does give the the hard sell for laser treatment. I went for a consult with him a few years ago in which I told him I wanted subcision, but he said the laser (ematrix) should do the trick since my scars are actually pretty mi
  3. @asianman81 They do have Infini RF microneedling. It's on special from time to time in their emails, and in their pamphlets in office. If it's not on the website it's an oversight.
  4. @grandor, I was just this moment looking through threads here on scar specialists and what to look for in one. I DO think he seemed knowledgeable, he did use touch to feel for fibrosis, in fact he had several helpers-some were just there to learn, but others were actively manipulating my skin while he subcised. However, he did not use any special lighting to really see the scarring, which is something I read to look for on here. He also wouldn't subcise the scars just near my inner eyebrow area,
  5. Sanova has RF microneedling. I did microneedling with PRP elsewhere and didn't find it all that beneficial for my majority rolling scars. I have not had RF microneedling, but did recently have my first of 2-3 subcisions with Dr.Mamelak at Sanova, and did note that they have it there. They also do TCA Cross, I asked to have this done later, but I don't know if they have alternative methods for darker skin.