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    working out,beauty,shopping,dressing up,seeing my friends and dancing. I used to be a model (when my skin was at its best!!) I am now currently training to be a makeup artist.

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  1. DAY 65 all still ok lips and skin have started to get abit dry again but not that bad had one spot come up on chin but its gone down also had one on chest but thats gone now too feel fine in myself stil trying to fight off the flu though which has turned into a chesty cough grrr xx
  2. DAYS 61 & 62 (start of month 3) I think i ended month 2 a week early and chucked the tablets away as it was the new brand that made me feel awful i am adding that week onto the end of my course tho as i will have some tablets left over as i take 40mg but the hospital think im on 50mg as 50 was way too strong for me i lowered it myself! very confusing i know sorry! well i started month 3 yesterday on the old brand that i feel ok on and i didnt even feel like id taken any tablets definatly d
  3. hiya babe aww thanks for posting im sorry to hear you have a few spots well mine started to come back jan time i think if i remember rightly and i finished my course last may first of i had such clear skin then i started getting the odd spot but it would go overnight so i just put up with it but then they started lingering longer than a day and then really started coming back so went back to the doctors and got re-referred to a derm i hope yours dont come back like mine did but id say give it a
  4. hiya thank you for your post unfortunatly i have got swine flu!! ive been getting worse by the day and we rung the nhs direct line i have all the symptons of it except dodgy tummy altho my tummy hasnt been right its not upset. my fiance has it also but his symptons are milder than mine grrr i always get things worse am ment to start acccutane again today dont know wether to wait another day as tane lowers your immune system so i wont be able to fight this flu off as well? good luck with the res
  5. had blood test yday results are back and not pregnant lol i pick up 3rd month monday so am restarting tuesday on 40mg gosh this course has been so up and down and stop start! to be honest i am feeling quite ill this week ive got sore throat headache and feel sick and exhausted am worried ive gotten swine flu so that plus accutane plus time of the month = feeling like death prob so quite glad im not starting till tuesday! i only have 1 spot since stopping it which is good a few popped up but have
  6. aw thanks hun! hope your doing ok? good luck with your 2nd course also so annoying isnt it having to do it all over again? well sorry everyone for not updating for ages i had a bit of a crappy time on my 2nd month the pharmacy swapped my accutane brand and it didnt agree with me at all i had to stop taking it with 6 days left off the 2nd month i felt terrible its a cheaper brand and the pharamcy said if i feel worse to stop taking it and tell them i was just going to stop all together thinking
  7. DAY 49 so all going well i started taking those supplements and they havent made the accutane worse or done anything bad so thats good i am continuing with them! i am back on my fish oils and boy do they help with back ache and stiffness seriously everyone on tane should make sure you take fish oils they really help. i had a spot come up in my hair/head lol bit wierd and one on the side of my temple they are both going now thank god im mega thirsty still but all fine apart from that skin is
  8. hey thanks so much for stopping by! and for the advice etc i think ill start my supplements tomorrow then!! ill post to let you know how i get on!! all the best with your course im so pleased your having good results already!! good luck x DAY 45 Wow the days are going fast cant believe im on day 45 already! i have a small spot under eyebrow one on neck and temple hopefully they will go soon! the one under my eyebrow was wierd because stuff came out of it when i squeezed it but i havent had
  9. does anyone know if something says 'is not a significant source of vitamin A' is that ok to take whilst on accutane? its only a herbal supplement and has all natural ingredients in it? do you think its ok to take whilst on tane xx
  10. hiya Tommy thanks for posting! yeah im really pleased i love the way tane makes your skin so plump and lush looking aswell as clear my complexion just looks so much beter everyone keeps saying i look well lol DAY 42 im into my 2nd month now cant wait to finish tane not that the side effects are unbearable but i just hate putting stuff in my body thats harmful plus im sure its messing around with my weight/metabolisim and that is really getting to me! it didnt last time so i dont know why it
  11. DAY 38 Nothing new to say really my skin is still lovely and clear i have one small well spot like thing more like a flat bit of a spot with no bump very wierd i keep picking it though prob why its still there everything else is clear. my skin is dry and feels quite hot but nothing major lips are still dry my hair has gotten better though am using leave in conditioner on it and even got a compliment it looked thicker and blonder yday lol! well im sure accutane makes you put on weight as my wei
  12. hi hun i just wanted to say i can so relate to you i had to lie and say i was ill so i didnt have to go to my friends wedding with loads of spots and i missed my sisters 30th because of it im also on my 2nd round of tane and had clear gorgeous skin for nearly a year and then they came back. good luck with your course you will def be clear by your wedding xx
  13. DAY 33 I dont think anyone is reading my log but i will carry on anyway as it helps me lol just picked up my 2nd month of tane and they have given me a new brand!? has anyone else had a change of brand? i wonder why they do that they say its the same etc but im worried ill feel different on it? anyway one good thing is this new brand comes in 5mg tablets too!! the hospital still think im on 50mg a month i couldnt be bothered to say i lowered the doesage as i thought it would hold up me getting
  14. DAY 32 well had blood test and got results back all fine so am picking up my 2nd month tomorrow! my skin is still fab i have one spot that has been there for ages on my neck but clear except for that! i have been eating better lately not that i ever ate crap but i just dont eat much so i have been having fish etc lately and my skin is def not as dry! wowow this is a question for the girls on tane. have any of you noticed change in your boobies?!!! mine are lumpy and harder and bit bigger tha
  15. DAY 29 sorry not updated for while been abit manic! went to see britney in concert weds she was amazing wowow! well had blood test weds and phoned up today for results and guess what the silly doc forgot to label my blood sample so it went missing at the path lab grrr luckily he squeezed me in today for another test but not very nice 2 in one week haha! anyway hopefully get results tuesday as i run out of tablets saturday luckily as i lowered the dose i have some 10mg left over so i can use th