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  1. Update! Hello everyone, my skin broke out heavily these past 3 days, after almost a month of complete acne-free skin. I'm so depressed
  2. accutane for mild acne? they're (the doctors) really just giving up now
  3. Hello everyone! I made a post only 3-4 months ago on my persistent acne. Since then, I have trialled and error many things. I have found one thing that has made a significant impact on my skin, reduced my oily skin and cysts, even during PMS! (See attached photos! which show comparison of my previous skin state!) My current routine is taking one 1000mg tablet of L-Lysine, one 500mg capsule of evening primrose oil - The L-Lysine has shown an improvement in my texture and scarrin
  4. I think you may be onto something!!!!!!! But again, is there a way to distill water at home? How does one shower, must i always have baths?
  5. Grapeseed oil or jojoba oil shouldn't make you break out. I use either of them when I've burnt myself with tea tree oil. Perhaps the clove oil is what you're reacting to. Keep the area clean with witch hazel and use a soothing moisturiser, for me I use those oils but you may lean towards something you know doesn't leave you with a bad reaction.
  6. The most coincidental thing is that before you commented this, I bought Nizoral for my partner's dandruff and read that it can have a positive effect on acne! I've been using it, so far nothing... I hope so too! Thank you Knowing that I'm not alone in this is so comforting. Sometimes instead of derms, its better to see what worked/didnt worked for others to find your unique cure. Currently, I'm just taking l-lysine for collagen production and evening primrose oil capsules to alle
  7. How long have you been with each other for? I've had acne forever and my current partner (and previous) never had any issue with my skin or made comments on it. In fact, they were more gentle with my face and whether their hands were clean etc. If a skin condition makes him want to run away he ain't the one sis.
  8. Would love to see pics! I shall try this. How long till you saw a difference?
  9. For the last 10 years, I've looked on acne.org for advice. Making this account was long overdue. And for the most part, things I've found on here have worked! But nothing completely got rid of my acne. Let me give you a background of my history.... I got my first whitehead when I was 11 years old, thought nothing of it. Scratched it away. From ages 11-12, I had a front fringe. I began to experience hundreds of tiny whiteheads all over my forehead, I presume due to the sweat and dirt