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  1. I think he should just go with something gentle and something that has no chance of irritating your skin.. getting your skin so dependent on acne products suck in the long run. This is my honest opinion. edit: ah yeah, I forgot to mention a couple gentle cleansing products.. cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (make sure not to get the oily free version!!!) and "purpose" cleaning thing, I forgot the whole name but I think its in a bottle.
  2. Hm, either when im running, I totally blank out and just think of something.. it helps when your running some miles.. also in basketball games, when i juke somebody out or block them hard and the crowd goes wild. Can't forget it.
  3. The thing with oily skin, you cant get rid of it forever, (maybe if you "grow" out of it) these things that you are using are only aids to your skin tempo. btw what you are doing here is really good for you... just keep it up, how long have you been doing this for?
  4. You should wake up earlier to where the schedule is on your side. Maybe leave to school an extra 15 mins earlier.
  5. Dan has a vid he posted on how to apply it, its on the home page I think.
  6. The only useful information I would have is, just dont stress over it.
  7. Thanks for the input yakiniku, the main thing I was wondering if this really worked. https://www.mariobadescu.com/productDetail.asp?ProductID=151 I heard from a couple people it does, and this girl on youtube was supposedly so excited she made a video about it.
  8. www.mariobadescu.com Does anyone use these products from this brand? How is it? thanks, first post and topic btw.