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  1. its really unfortunate that u feel this way. I know everyone can say that they have been a bit depressed over their acne but that shouldnt stop you from going out. I use to be like that but then i noticed that everyone has to deal with it or everyone gets pimples once in their life....some more than others but you should remain positive and not let this obstacle get in ur way coz from my experience, the more you stress about it and the more depressed you get over ur acne, the worse it will get.
  2. hey i was just doing some research and i came up with this site that many people actually take apple cider supplements. i was wondering whehter anyone has actually tried it? another method is mixing it with distilled water and honey and drinking one tablespoon 3 times a day....supposedly thats spose to clear u up... Apple cider vinegar is a solution of acidic acid produced by fermentation of apples. It consists of acid, water, and only relatively small quantities of minerals. Although, it does
  3. i was also interested in how it works so i did some research on google hehe...neways i also wanted to know-can u apply too much vinegar? Vinegar has a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin. It is also antiseptic, preventing the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, or yeast that trigger infection. It can dissolve excessive fatty deposits at the surface of the skin and reduce scaly or peeling conditions. Lastly, vinegar regulates the pH of th
  4. i have noticed that when using a needle to pop my pimples i always seem to miss the actual white head and end up prickin my face which causes me to bleed and scar meanwhile not even gettin rid of my whitehead! hahah (i think im just terribly unco-ordinated) -bloody faced and still with whiteheads ! :shh:
  5. i have been using the regimen for about 4 days now and i have noticed that my skins been peelin as well- i wake up with a face full of flakes (not attractive haha) but yeh im waitin for my skin to get use to it as well. I have also noticed that my skin is all red and looks quite uneven so im hoping that will go away soon. But yeh from wat i have read i think its normal for the peeling so stress less
  6. do you think that its all about confidence or do u really think its about the scars? coz i know heaps of ppl with pretty bad acne and scars n they got a g/f or b/f. i think its the fact that they dont let it get to them and they hold themselves with a lot of confidence which makes them attractive to other people. Just a thought but a lot of ppl- as superficial as they may be....tend to see personality through looks and sometimes the ugliest person with the greatest personality can become the mo
  7. after gettin a cyst pimple and (POPPING IT) i know i shouldnt have but neways....i scarred-obviously and after a few days another pimple grew in exactly the same place...so now im thinking...is it ever going to get time to heal? whats the deal with this?
  8. sounds like a plan aye! i tried drinking a crap load of green tea for a while but it turns out that it did worse for me aye...i think im allergic somehow to tea coz i have noticed that whenever i drink it i break out...but jasmine tea doesnt have that effect. I agree that sometimes face washes seem to do more damage than good and i would love to not use any products but i have to have something to take my make up off but i really hope all goes well for u...keep us all updated on how it turns
  9. so ive read heaps of posts about people either drinking lemon diluted with water or using it as a toner type thing applying the lemon directly to the face but my question is...how bout eatting the lemon- as weird as that sounds i really like the taste of it so i have been craving it quite a bit and i was wondering if it was bad for me in any way because of the stongest of it? I have also found an obsession in limes and i have been reading up on the properties of these fruits and they seem to hav
  10. i was just wondering- ive seen heaps of scars and they all look kinda different with different colours so i was wondering if the different colours mean anything in terms of the healing process and which scars tend to fade faster. So far the only ones i have seen are like red, brown and purpish colour. and im guessin the brown ones would take the longest...just curious to see....