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  1. Hi Jean, I think you're trying too many things at once...If I were you, I would try going really simple. Just avoid the foods that you know cause you problems and try a simple topical regimen (gentle cleanser, and an antibacterial -- I really like clenia (generic= topisulf) for active acne, I also use azelex (each once per day), but whatever works for you is just fine)...I would cut the supplements too...If you eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water etc., I don't think you really need to tak
  2. as the above posters mentioned, you should definitely try adding a moisturizer to your routine if you haven't already...if that doesn't work, you can try azelex (it is similar to finacea, main ingredient is azelaic acid, but it's a cream instead of a gel and is in fact very moisturizing)...good luck
  3. bran88


    Thanks wapak! I don't like to use the bp lotion because it dries my skin, but i think their toner is great for fading marks and making my skin smooth and I like their moisturizer as well. I hope you're doing well too!
  4. bran88


    update: skin is still doing great! I have stuck with the same topical routine and it's working perfectly. My red marks are slooooowly fading...but my roomate (who has perfect skin) told me that unless she's really focusing and in bright light she would never even know that i had skin problems in the past. Of course I can still see my marks, but I know that they have improved quite a bit over time and i've actually ventured out without makeup a couple of times i think that this summer i will be
  5. congrats! I found that cutting out dairy helped me a lot too...and the funny thing is that am also a (former) dairy fanatic..I couldn't get enough! Curious though: do you notice that you have any reaction (other than acne) when you eat dairy? When I've had the occasional dairy product, I unfailingly get a pimple or two, but I don't think that I notice any other allergic reaction.
  6. something must have prompted you to start the diet in the first place...You didn't have clear skin and decide to cut out sugar and dairy for kicks, right? If you were perfectly clear a few months ago then clearly something is making you break out, and I don't think it's your dairy free and low sugar diet...How old are you? are you a guy or a girl? Lots of things can cause acne...hormonal fluctuations (did you recently start or stop the BCP?), a move to a new environment, stress, something new in
  7. correlation and causation are not the same thing...Just because you started breaking out after switching to a "healthier" diet, it DOES NOT mean that the diet change caused your adult acne. Many people who never had acne as teens get it in their 20's and 30's due to hormone fluctuations which can be brought on by the birth control pill, pregnancy and normal aging factors (when did you start taking the birth control pill? that could certainly be a factor in your breakouts as it messes with your h
  8. I think that using a low level glycolic acid/lactic acid product daily is also really good for red marks (I like proactiv's toner which has 2.5% glycolic in it and I use it twice per day...but there are other options out there as well)...anyway, what i've noticed is that if i use my toner daily, then new pimples don't leave marks or if they do, they go away very quickly. I wish that I had been using this all along! I think it also helps to fade old marks, but of course the older they are the m
  9. haha i totally understand...i've finally cleared up but before that I would get really mad at my roommate for inviting her friends over without telling me first...It wasn't because I cared if she had friends over, I just didn't want them to see me without makeup. When they did catch me bare-faced, I acted very anti-social and usually went straight to my room. I'm sure if I had been friendly and jsut acted normally, they would have noticed my acne, but they would have been friendly right back and
  10. I know what you mean, but I think (or at least hope!) that it's a small minority of people that feel that way about people with acne (at least in the adult world). I think more people can relate to acne because most have had a breakout at some point.
  11. I know that a lot of acne sufferers feel that others don't want to talk to them or befriend them because of their appearance, and I understand that feeling, but I think it's important to realize that feeling that way causes you to act antisocial which is why people respond the way that they do (in most cases)...good example: The other night I was having dinner with friends, and one of the girls is really disfigured by burns on her face. Much moreso than any acne sufferer i've ever seen. She is
  12. Why can most people drink cow milk and not have acne? Why can some acne patients drink cow milk and not see their acne get worse? If the link from milk to acne is via hormones, then you have to explain the great per-patient variability. Since I've never personally seen a "phase" when it was OK for me to eat dairy, I wouldn't take genetics off the table. Maybe most people have an enzyme that just chops up whichever chemical in the cow milk is the problem, and I just don't have that gene or else i
  13. Hi Databased, nice write up...this might be slightly off topic, but you seem fairly knowledgeable so I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain...I have found that dairy definitely effects my skin and have (for the most part) cut it out. I've been researching goat's milk and it's derivatives to try and figure out if it's safe to eat or not. I've done a couple of minor experiments but am not sure that I can say anything for certain...what's your stance on this issue? I think it's so important t
  14. hmm I think that changing the topical routine in any way can cause some breakouts temporarily. I wouldn't worry unless you keep breaking out, then you can go back to what was working and maybe try adding back one new thing at a time.