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  1. Excersise is great for aggression and that sort of things. Weight lifting works great, where you really have to give your all and get pissed at the weights. Meditation is also great. A good diet is always good. Make sure your body is happy. Also you can supplement with B6 and 5-htp before you go to bed, or ZMA. You will sleep alot better and feel better when you wake up. Theres alot of other things to do, but to sum it up: Make sure your body loves you and find away to get out the aggression
  2. Pills like these has interested me since the Broccoli-thread started. Though I wanna see more long lasting results from more people before I buy them. Keep it up! =)
  3. Hey there. From my experience you can get enough carbs from a paleo diet to keep your muscles and fill them up with energy previous to work out. But as you say trouble arise post workout when you need insulin to ship the proteins to your muscles, but insulin causes acne. So you pretty much have to choose whats more important for you. If you're in no rush to get a clear face(by diet) then Id suggest you to forget about acne for awhile, build muscles and then later go on a strict diet to get rid
  4. What we could do as a community is to work out what these different reaction types are. Get some statistics from all of us. Do all who reacts to cheese also react to milk? Try to find patterns and types. From that work out a bunch of methods to find out what type you are without having to go down to Wai diet and test food by food. When we have the diet types and the test methods we could start building a giant reciepe library..for us!
  5. I actually found rooibos tea with black cumin seeds yesterday. Gonna try to get my hands on some raw seeds to mix with my jojoba oil.
  6. KnowShow, done liver detox? I guess the liver is where we with acne are failing, since not everyone get acne from bad food. But I agree, if u wanna get rid of your acne....take a look at what you're feeding your body with. Tho...its not the root.
  7. I dont use probiotics myself. I think it depends on what kind of acne you've got. Im not sure I know what Im talking about now but I think mostly candida sufferers uses probiotics.
  8. There's guides around the web. I dont know any address tho, but Im sure you can find alot of info here in this forum if u search for it.
  9. If u wanna start treating the root I think detoxing your organs is the way to go. As soon as my real life allows me I'll start detoxing myself. That is, cleaning your colon, liver, and so on.
  10. But there's alot of them I might add, ALOT. My whole chest and stomache is FILLED. Really FILLED. It looks redicilous.
  11. lol! well its not pimples really, earlier when Ive waxed/shaved it has become pimples kinda, but now that Im eating all kinds of anti-acne suplements they're just red bumps this time.
  12. [mods, I have no clue where to post this] 18 hours ago I got my chest waxed and now Im absolutly covered in tiny red spots. Now, I have exactly 24 hours to get rid of them! Any ideas what would work best? hehe.. I bought some 100% Aloe vera gel. Think that will do the trick?
  13. yes and yes, and usually pasta also contains wheat which makes some (many?) break out.