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  1. Hi, For me, you should go directly to a derm so he can give you something. This kind of acne can leave marks (It's what I have because I waited too long ), so take an appointment and heals that :). You need something stronger and you're a teenager so that's perfectly normal to have acne!
  2. Your pimples are really strange, It's inflammatory I think. And for me, it's moderate. How old are you?
  3. Hi, I would really suggest you go to a Dermatologist and see what you can get. I think you should see to take antibiotics to solve the problem first. Those ''pimples'' under the jawline are very strange. I don't think that BP would really work or it wouldn't as you want (free acne skin) I know how terrible is to have acne for the self-esteem :(. But seeing a specialist is better to first know what are those pimples.
  4. Yes they can. It just depends why you have acne but if it's something in your body that doesn't work really well, then you'll maybe clear your acne by naturopath,
  5. Woah that's really great!! I've started probiotics because of my gut problem and I saw a difference in 1-2 weeks but it's not all clear (I'm now at 5-6 weeks on it). I hope everything will be fine in the next 1-2 months
  6. HI, Yeah A wonderful Befor&After really happy for you !! I have stomach issues and I'm really trying to heal that and I think it can be the reason for my acne too. How long did it take to make this wonderful difference?
  7. Hi, I know how much you're stressed because of breakouts I'm really often in this case. For me, it's really easy. You go to your derm and she/he will see that you have acne again and you just say that you want a second course to clear again your face. If I can give you an advice: don't wait. So just go and ask for a second course and IF the derm says no just go to another one :) It's YOUR face don't forget that :)
  8. Thanks so much for the answers ! I will look for those things
  9. I've check thanks but It seems to be different ?.. And I have 3-4 pimples on the forehead too so maybe it's like Logan said its blocked pores..?
  10. I have another picture maybe you can see it better. If its only blocked pores, what can i do for that ?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I dont shave a lot because I have a beard and up the beard, i cut with a scissor not shaving. The thing is I have always acne up the cheeks and since a year or more. What is the link with hair follices ?
  12. Hi, So can someone tell me what kind of acne do I have. Is it really really bad ? I'm a man 22 years old so thats not normal to have acne I think. Some people told me its light-medium acne and of course when i see some pictures in google, my acne is not so bad. But those are words because every acne is really difficult to hanlde. Thanks so much
  13. Good evening, Being 23 years old and still having low-moderate acne at times, I am looking for a solution. I have searched a lot on the internet for the causes of acne and it is most likely a body problem that rejects it on the face. The face is an organ that serves as a detox like the faith the kidney or the belly and everything look linked. I have an inflammation of the stomach but I have to go and do new tests to find out what it is due to (intolerance, bacteria, etc...). It co