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  1. don't have an answer as to how effective it is, but i know that Planet Fitness offers it for free if you are a black card member, might be cheaper to try there.
  2. hi jeff - i'm pretty much in the same boat/age bracket (i'm about a year older), started accutane for the second time last monday (took it as a teenager, sort of inconsistently), so 1 week in. Things are looking pretty decent for me too, so far...fingers crossed. Kind of the same story, not horrible all over acne, but pretty persistent and mostly cystic, about 2 or 3 bad boys on my face consistently for the last couple of years. I think its almost worse dealing with this as an adult because a
  3. same story here, i'm a couple years older than you and am starting accutane on Wednesday. I specifically asked about the initial breakout and my derm told me that he starts at a lower dose and then increases it in hopes that it won't cause a major breakout...hope he's right. Good luck with the treatment, its gonna be nice not having to do a whole step by step process morning and night for very minimal results.
  4. I just went to the derm on an emergency appointment, i feel defeated. All this crap I've been taking for half my life and still i have crappy blotchy oily skin, cysts on my neck and chin and woke up today with tons of tiny red bumps on my forehead and nose. I'm waving the white flag, I start Accutane (Clarivis or whatever) on Wednesday. At 32 this shouldn't be happening. Diets, supplements and all the other garbage I've tried has sort of tamed the acne but its only tamer, not corrected. Thi
  5. meh, i'm technologically impotent, i have no idea how to fix it
  6. I would cut out the acnefree severe, I used that years ago and its really harsh and gritty and your skin looks angry from the pictures. Try using just a basic soap and moisturizer like cetaphil to try and calm down your skin. Even if you can't make it into a derm, ask your parents to take you to your regular GP to get the ball rolling...they can prescribe pretty much everything a derm can (i think probably not accutane though), and they'll most likely give you a referral that might cut down th
  7. Don't sweat the small stuff, nuff' said.
  8. Dear Saint Nick - Thank you so very much for the unexpected gift you implanted in my forhead last night. You shouldn't have, it's way too much. Boy, you really pulled that out of nowhere. And I got you nothing, now I feel like a real grinch. Like rudolph I'll be able to light the way to all my christmas parties tonight. All my friends and family will be SO jealous when they see what you brought me, can't wait to show it off! Love, Gill
  9. meh, i don't think its doing much, if anything it might be breaking me out more. It goes on easy, doesn't burn or anything, but I haven't seen any benefits yet.
  10. I've been on doxy for about two weeks on Monday and I've noticed some major improvements, only one active spot to speak of right now. I'm also using Aczone and Panoxyl facewash, are you using anything in conjunction with the antibiotics?
  11. the "i've got a pimple excuse" is pretty versatile, the only time it hasn't gone favorably was "Of course my rent is gonna be late....I have a pimple!"...#mental
  12. At 31 you would think that what other people think about you wouldn't and shouldn't really matter all that much. One last look in the rear view, a small whimpy sigh and i was headed into the danger zone, work. I had done some damage to a smallish bump next to my nose this morning (why i think attempting to pop a zit will make one of these bad boys more appealing is beyond me) and I felt like i was walking through the cubicle village with a bullseye on my face. Avoiding eye contact, slithe
  13. nothin like some good porn and acne talk...thanks for the well wishes, lovin the dirty thirties so far.
  14. Ugh, been lurking on these boards for years trying to find that magic solution to my ongoing struggle with acne. I've come up with nothing, obviously. A little about myself, i'm a 31 year old male, just moved to a new city a few months back for a job. I have had some form of acne since I was 15, so more than half my life. I was on accutane when I was 18 and it worked somewhat, but I still broke out after I finished. Prior to accutane I tried antibiotics and topicals prescribed by a derm. I d
  15. hi everyone: just wanted to share my experience with this stuff. I have not much active acne left, maybe 2, but I do have some red and purples marks (not too bad though), and some deeper scarring from before. I'm on the regimen and apply the VitaK all over my face after the BP. I do this day and night, but at night I also put a glob on the more noticeable marks (someone upthread suggested this). I can hoestly say that I have seen a difference. I've been using it for about 1 week. I don't e