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  1. I completely know what you mean. I'm the exact same way. I used to have bad acne when I was about 13 (I'm 19 now) and even though it's cleared up, I still feel like that same insecure kid. Even now, when I have a breakout around my period or something, I have to pick at it, although I know it makes it worse for the most part. Even little skin colored bumps, that may or may not be pimples, I pick at. I have a problem with my eyebrows too (weird!). I try to pluck hairs that are too short and it ju
  2. When I was 13 I started taking tetracycline for my acne (it was pretty bad, especially on my forehead) and I was on it for about 3 years. It worked great and I never broke out for about a year and a half. After that I would get occasional breakouts. Any time I tried to go off of it however, I would have a horrible breakout! So, eventually I was able to go off of it without getting a breakout, I am on Diane 35 though. I have pretty clear skin, I do get mild breakouts though and sometimes have the
  3. I don't think it's that hard. I just make sure I get all my fruits and veggies, which is not hard at all, and drink lots of water. I don't deny myself anything if I have a craving, I just don't eat it every day. Like usually me and my Mum share a chocolate bar once a week or something.
  4. I've never noticed chips make me break out. I don't eat them all the time though, maybe once a week or less. If I can find them, I get the baked kind. They don't have as much fat, oils, etc.
  5. Oh, I've just been looking in the wrong areas I think. I always thought it was in the health food sections! Thanks!
  6. I've looked in the health sections of all the drug/grocery stores! Do I have to go to a health food store? Is it worth buying?
  7. I drink rooibos chai tea lattes with soy. They're good for you and taste delicious!
  8. Take a zinc supplement. I got stretch-marks when I was about 14, even though my weight had not changed at all (I've been 110 pounds and 5'4 since I was 12). My doctor said I got the marks because of a zinc deficiency, and since I've been taking a supplement they've disappeared.
  9. I never wear makeup and I think that's one of the reasons my skin stays clear. And by don't wear makeup, I mean like foundation/powder. Occasionally, I'll wear mascara or blush if I'm going out or something.
  10. Hey! I don't eat junk food either (not because of acne, just for the health effects) but I love popcorn! You should Orville's Smart Pop. It has zero trans fat and only about 4 grams of fat in the entire bag. It may taste kind of blah if you're used to butter flavor, but you could always buy some seasoning and put it on top. That's what I do.