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  1. I think you should probably should look for a second opinion. It doesn't hurt. Go to a walk-in clinic and see a family physician. You are lucky because you are in Canada. It's free to see a doctor. In addition, family physician can prescribe accutane not only derm. I think your age concerns the doctor the most.
  2. Consider 2nd course half year after your current one... Do not give up
  3. FYI, the best site to check GI index is http://www.glycemicindex.com/ The study also mentioned high protein. so I think that you have to eat tons of protein rich food.
  4. I had ance on my scalp as well. It sucks. I had to wash my hair everyday at that time. I used H&S citrus breeze for oily /thin hair. There are some lemons on the bottle. It worked really well. Even though it can't eliminate the problem, it can control it. Right now, i am using accutane. My scalpe become dry, so I switch to H&S for dry hair now. The good new is I don't have ance on my scalpe for almost a month. so ask you mom take it back to the store and ask for an exchange (poor mom
  5. I went to get my second month tane today. Got the blood test result. Bad news, my Cholesterol level sky rocket after taking the tane in just two weeks. The total is 6.XX, LDL is 4. XX Bad Bad Bad... OMG ..I'm already so careful on what I eat . Anyways, I did some researches tonight. What I found is some veggies and fruit are really helping lower theLDL Cholesterol. Instead of eating them individually, I decide to blend them together to make a soomthy and drink X2 a day, between meals. Let's se
  6. I assume that you want to gain muscle, not fat, right ? :D Eat healthy doesn't mean you can't gain weight. I would recommend you to read the book "The Abs Diet". http://www.absdiet.com/uof/absdiet/ Even though you aren't on accutane, you shouldn't eat snack. You may gain weight by eating hamburger or drinking soda. But it is fat. I'm sure you don't want to put that on. What you want is muscle. some tips: 1. eat 5 -6 times per day, small portion more often. Don't let you body feel h
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. It is so true that your daughter should have blood test done before using accutane. I've done some researches. It seems that accutane shouldn't cause type I diabete (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000305.htm ) "Type 1 diabetes is often called juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes." "The exact cause is unknown. Genetics, viruses, and auto-immune problems may play a role." "Patients with type 1 diabetes usually develop symptoms over a short period of ti
  8. Normally people take accutane for 5 -6 months. I think you should continue use tane for another two months. Don't worry about cumulative dose too much. Talk to your doctor.
  9. you'd better call the insurance company first or pharmacist. They will certainly let you know.
  10. I found two articles that are very useful. You may want to read them before using any remedies. 1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Acne http://www.aafp.org/afp/20040501/2123.html 2.Topical Therapy for Acne http://www.aafp.org/afp/20000115/357.html
  11. Day 3 Everything seems normal today. Nothing happened. No side effect, but I still feel thirsty all day long. So I drank tons of water. Not sure whether it is a good sign or bad sign. Dosage: 40mg Side effects: none BTW: Happy Chinese New Year – year of mice….
  12. Thanks Barbie89 Day 2 Second day on tane. No serious side effects. No pain, no headache whatsoever. But I do feel a little bit thirsty just 1 hour after taking it. I am drink approximately 2 liter of water per day. Face is still oily. Dosage: 40mg Supplements: 400 IU Vitamin E, and 500 mg Vitamin C, 1000 mg fish oil capsule * 2, 1000 mg flaxseed oil capsule *1 Side effects: none
  13. recommend dosage is 0.1 ~ 2 mg /kg / day (Accutane Consumer information guide). I am around 70 kg. And I am using 40mg per day right now (first two weeks) after that, i will increase the dosage to 80mg /day as per prescription.
  14. I went to see doctor and got my first month accutane today. The dr. said my cholesterol is a little bit high, so I have to pay close attention to my diet. She also gave me a copy of Canadian Food Guide and asked me to follow (obtain you copy here: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index_e.html ) Form now on, I will try to eat healthy and live healthy. The cost of Accutane is CAD$97 (Quantity: 40mg * 42) from WalMart. I don’t have insurance right now, but hopefully I will get on
  15. I have heard about that. A lot of asian people really believe that. I did watch a tv show, probably ten years ago, discuss about whether urine can be a medication. Scientists said that's ridiculousl. But people who drink urine say they are much healthier than before. Some illness are cured. For those who really believe that, they have only one recommendation - just drink the first urine in the morning. Why? I am sorry I forgot the reason. To me, i am not brave enough to drink it. Do I or sho