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  1. Just got it yesterday and it bothers me a lot lol. It's kinda big (1cm+) red and bumpy also red around the bump. Looks like its filled with fluid or something.. How long does it take to go away?
  2. Thanks for your response. I've been using the Clean & Clear acne control kit and it's been working on my overall acne. The last one that i use is a cream and has 2% Salycilic Acid. However the Face cleanser has the BP 10%.
  3. What is it? It's kinda hard to explain but here goes: It's on my cheek, it pops out about 0.5cm and is about 1cm (prolly a little less) in diameter. It's HUGE, it's black, and red. I can push it, and it feels as if there's liquid inside, like blood with pus (combined -- i've had it before). It seems like the only thing that's stopping this liquid from going out is the REALLY THIN skin layer that's covering it. It seriously hurts even if u touch a little. I try to squeeze a lil and see if someth
  4. Yes, I believe it is when the pimple has a huge red bumpy area around it. I suggest not popping these until u see white stuff on the outside. Then you can just pop it, but not squeeze it. Just pop it until the white stuff comes out, then wipe off any blood or residue with a tissue. Don't squeeze the damn thing! Just push it to see if it comes out, if it doesn't, just leave it alone. This is why it's helpful to change your pillow casings every day at least, or just shaking it before you pu
  5. Ok. I started doing it this way so i'm good :) Also, at first i used soap and warm/hot water, but recenly i've bought that new Clean & Clear Morning burst, and it works just as well. Should try it! BTW, how long did it take for you to notice results?
  6. For those with oily skin: Do you apply the urine over your face without washing first? Or do you wash first, then apply the urine?
  7. I've heard of this method for many years from my grandmother and ancestors. I've also heard that you can actually drink your pee as a form of medicine to help it. I've been trying your method twice a day, and am hoping for results. I don't really know what's happening. Sometimes i look in the mirror and look good, other times i look at it and it just looks horrible. Let's just hope for the best. ~Gal