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  1. Doesn't Concha de Nacar already have lemon? Do you put it on every day? Right now i put the Concha de Nacar once a week...
  2. So i really don't know what type of acne i have... i get the usual white head here and there some big some small, but it's persistent at times. This week i got a breakout of about 10 new pimples some big and inflamed, others small. There was an inflamed one, kinda big, and when i popped it (i saw the head) a kinda big white, but hard pus (you know the white stuff that comes out)... yea it was kinda hard, and big it looked like a very little finger lol. So yea, i get those a lot and don't kno
  3. Yea, for me i don't think nothing happens. I did figure out how long it takes for me to get pimples when i eat bad food, which is a week or 6 and a half days. That's how i experimented with food. For partying, i get it confused with the food i eat so i don't really know if it causes me to break out. But for the past 2 weeks, i've eaten no fried foods, or anything. Partied thurs-sat and no acne! You would have to try this for yourself though. That works for me, not sure about everyone else.
  4. yea i get breakouts too. i think we all do lol. This Monday the third i looked in the mirror and looked OMG good, then i got home at like 6ish and looked like shit. Yesterday i looked worse popped a biggie and sum lil ones and looked even worse. Woke up and looked a lil better. Yup, i hate breakouts. Just when you thought your week was gonna b good... it all goes to shit. Fuck acne.
  5. check for mites, bugs, etc those red ones look new?
  6. Isn't it annoying? You think "ahh, pimple is gone" then in a week you get another one in the same area... I have one scar that pimples go over it and over it every time. It won't heal lol All i do is put BP in it then it comes to a head after a while... I don't moisturize though... i have oily skin and putting it on will make me look reaaaaaaaaaaaally oily.. which i don't like... So i'd rather wait 20 mins for my face to shine again! Naturally... that is. Do you apply that medication all
  7. Lol... same things happen to me... i feel good then my skin just explodes again... down to the depression... when will this end..
  8. Lol... this is prolly why i always feel things walking on my face...
  9. I don't know what kind of acne i have... I rarely get the painful under the skin cyst. Other times i get a not-so-painful "something" and it's small, and takes forever to get away even with BP on it... It seems BP makes even the small pimples worse because they leave a dark discoloration in my skin for longer than if i just left it alone... Which is what im doing now.. no BP for now. I wish i had a camera and could take pics.. i only have pics when i was clear...
  10. I feel you I got the occasional pimples here and there randomly... i don't even know what causes them anymore so i just give up using products and stuff. I just use regular soap and water: Morning, Afternoon, and before bed. I am a fan of mirrors, and some mirrors make me look good and others are just horrible. I have plenty of marks (not scars) of previous acne that takes like a month or so to "blend" with the rest of my skin, and this is the most trouble i have. It's not the pimples. I can
  11. For me... it's longer than if i popped it, and if I DON'T pop it, it leaves a scar worse than if i did pop it... IDK i'm weird... As for your trouble zone... do you shave? How do you sleep? Face down, face to the side?
  12. Could this be the reason why my face goes red from time to time? It gets ugly red (spots, not constant redness) and then eventually turn into some bumps that i dont think are pimples. But either way... that's the only reason im thinking is causing my red spots. No they're not from past pimples (i made sure)... A lot of dirt flies around.. grass clippin, dirt, sand, etc etc.. Any idea?
  13. So after i cleanse my face or after a shower, i notice my pores have white stuff coming out of it. I don't think they're pimples because they're not red or anything. It's easy to scratch off with your nail and it's on a couple of pores. So anyone know what it is?