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  1. Thanks for the reply! Are you saying that the RF micro-needling setting might be going too deep??- that's what I'm thinking too, the RF energy/heat is getting disperse well below the actual scars. The Vivace can go to 3.5mm depth, I remember the nurse pulled back the depth setting a bit when she first went over the area, as I told her she was going quite deep (I could feel it, specially around glabella there's not much fat). Maybe next session ill get her to go around 0.5mm or 1mm as my scars ar
  2. Hi there, I'm considering getting TCA CROSS treatment on my ice pick scars for my forehead. I just want another opinion, my ice pick are from in-grown hairs, mixed with prior acne from 10 years ago. I personally don't believe the ice pick/slight boxcar scars aren't all that deep (compared to what I've seen from other people on here), hence why I'm a little reluctant to drop some TCA into them which may make them bigger. I am currently trying Vivace RF micro-needling but after a m