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  1. Honestly… and you’re not going to like this, but I’d say save your money and visit Dr Rullan or one of the other acne scar specialists in the US. After spending thousands upon thousands on doctors in Toronto on acne scar treatments, I’ve realized none of them have any idea what they are doing. You really need a specialist to make acne scars better and not worse.
  2. I have not but I am definitely interested in this topic. Please keep us or me updated! When is your consult? I just googled him.. he doesn’t seem to specialize in scar revision at all.. I’d take any advice he gives with a couple spoonfuls of salt what made you choose this doctor?
  3. Are you for real? I have been PMing you repeatedly to ask for dermabrasion contact details and I’ve been ignored flat out. What did you do with Rullan?
  4. Well most of those 13 lbs is likely water weight if it was in a week but to get the habit started. Any significant weight loss will make scars more obvious because there is naturally less fat in the face. also bigger face like bigger face surface area will naturally makes scars less obvious
  5. Weight loss will make your acne scars more prominent. I know this from losing almost 100 lbs years ago. My scars became much more prominent and obvious to me. Or maybe it was because I had lost the weight, I had something else to focus on. but no. My scars were extremely shallow looking prior to the weight loss. nonetheless, age will make scars more prominent anyway so might as well lose the weight.
  6. Do you think you have had great results? Can we see some photos? Did you have all of your treatments this month with him?
  7. Physiologically, I don't know how scars can be "healed". The reason there are scars in the first place is because of destruction of tissue. They can't just undestruct the tissue... But scar correction? yes. Excision? yes. Strong peels? yes.
  8. I definitely do not think you should be "confident" by picking Hazany... unless you mean "confident" that you will be spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (+ some more $$$$$$$$$$$). You say you've begun his treatments, so how many have you done exactly?
  9. I texted Rullan office a question on Monday still no reply lol… this customer service is something else I texted Rullan office a question on Monday still no reply lol… this customer service is something else… they must be getting paid pennies OR have apathetic oversight I don’t know what’s worse
  10. I like to repeat what they said back to me in an exaggerated tone, with my eyebrows raised, and my mouth shaped into a little doughnut hole it usually shuts them up lol and makes them realize they are in no place to be giving you advice