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  1. I did see him... about 10 days prior to seeing Dr. Baranakin
  2. Yeah. I’d say overall, it was a mild treatment since I recovered pretty well. I would say improvement was minimal. he did use more mild settings on the CO2, since I’m skin type 4. But based on how well I recovered he did say he was open to going more aggressive next time. I’m still torn as to what my next treatment will be. CO2 was nice for the fine lines and anti aging...
  3. How do you perform subcision at home??
  4. Hi all. After my last subcision (with two syringes of juvederm volite), I decided to a suctioning protocol beginning the 3rd day after the treatment. I know the filler is supposed to act as a spacer but the dermatologist I went to (one of the best in Toronto no less.. Baranakin) talked to me about the point of diminishing returns, whether I’d actually see more improvement with the amount of treatments I have already done etc, just basically rained on my parade lol. When I asked him if I sho
  5. Admittedly, it didn't cross my mind because of the risks associated with the Nokor. But I am considering it now....I will post some photos after I see Dr.Sajic tomorrow to remove the sutures. I think I may be sticking to subcision versus heat energy going forward. The co2 wasn't worth the bang in buck.
  6. Hi fellow community members. On Tuesday December 29th 2020, I saw Dr. Sajic for TCA Cross on my rolling scars, V-Cannula Subcision with tumescent anesthesia, Lutronic eCO2 (I will update with the settings used once I get that info) & subdermal filler + meso-style application of Radiesse immediately after the Lutronic eCO2. Total sum with taxes was $3.7K CAD. Skin type 3.5/4. I was told they discounted $1K. In office treatments I have done in the past are listed below: 3 Blunt C
  7. Wait why should you never use Radiesse as a post subcision spacer?
  8. I may decide towards getting v shaped cannula compared to the Taylor liberator.. (v shaped cannula is still substantial in size but no where close to the Taylor liberator). I’m thinking about this procedure because full field subcision DOES carry more of a likelihood of untethering all or most of the scars versus the physician untethering each scar.. when each scar likely has hundreds of fibrotic bands tethered to underlying tissue. I have some broad boxcar scars that I think would benefit from
  9. Hi guys, after @aestheticseeker posted useful anecdotes re: their acne scarring treatment journey, I felt a bit inspired to to contact my physician and change my blunt cannula subcision with Radiesse on December 29th to Taylor liberator with co2. My appointment has now been successfully changed to have both treatments on that day, I will share my experience as a skin type 3.5 (really IV), comments and before/after pix in a future post. however, my physician’s assista
  10. Hey check your dms, I’m more than open to any wisdom and info. I’ve also spent thousands and at this point, not down for any more mistakes.
  11. Ohh thank you for this new piece of info! Never knew that about RFM, I wonder why that is re: RFM efficacy depending on onset of scarring
  12. Just wondering if any fellow torontonians or ontarians know of any physicians using Silkon 1000 for shadow enhancing scars? I know I know i know it is off label and many potential side effects which is why if it is to be done it must be with someone with expertise regarding Silkon 1000. just couldn’t help but notice it on dr Rullan’s website “ MODERATE SCARRING WITH ICE PICK, BOX SCARS, ROLLING SCARS AND ATROPHIC OR HYPERTROPHIC SCARS *3-7 Days Down Time
  13. Yeah I would say it works, and works quite well. Just use a ton of hyaluronic acid so you’re not creating new scars or making existing ones worse. I think it’s shallowed out my scars quite a lot