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  1. Now that Covid-19 is here, I’m just wondering if anyone has taken to doing home treatments and what they’re trying out etc personally, I’ve been more serious about my derminator sessions lol
  2. I have a consultation scheduled with Dr Torgerson, who practices in the greater Toronto area. His receptionist said he performs several subcisions but I can’t really find much about him and subcision.. So I’m just wondering if anyone In Toronto has gone to see him? I’ve really been feeling a bit jaded ever since my experience with dr lemckert. I also have a consult scheduled with Dr Sajic on March 26th, which I am optimistic about.
  3. Hi everyone, I had my third subcision and sculptra on February 27th 2020. I am unimpressed with Dr Lemckert as he only does one incision point for each side, and he doesn’t go as aggressive as I like. @beautifulambition I think you need to change him as someone who is recommended for those in Ontario. kind of at a loss as to where I should go for my next treatment... looking for some guidance very frustrating that there aren’t many docs in Canada. For those who tra
  4. So I decided to do some research on sculptra and I realized most of the research studies have the subjects come in for monthly injections for 6-8 months. I’ve only had two sculptra injections.. being done immediately after my subcision. My subcision sessions have been spaced out by a few months as well Just wondering if anyone here has ever been put on a monthly sculptra protocol or can provide some insight
  5. Really curious, What sort of progress have you been seeing? Have you done any manual methods? I think RF and standard microneedling should be treated as two different modalities... since they kinda are. standard microneedling has the advantages of being more accessible, able to do it at home, convenient, cost friendly RF has the advantage of combining laser energy with microneedling, more precision to untether the bands, probably better results
  6. So, I was doing some stress shopping today, and I was confronted by my reflection in the mirror at a store. Are store mirrors the worst ever or what? It left me a bit depressed. it’s frustrating that they haven’t found a solution for acne scars. I get it... producing new skin isn’t simple... but still it is very frustrating. It has me reflecting on 2020. What do you guys think it has in store for acne scars in terms of technology and treatment? Do you think it’s going to be a fru
  7. No... the incision points have not left any scars in my experience... and no, only the cheeks yeah, he doesn’t seem like an expert on peels i tried to see Dr Barankin.. but he doesn’t like to do subcision plus that clinic tries to upsell lasers like crazy
  8. Really? Last time I’m pretty sure he did three incision points on each side of my face, totaling 6. Plus, this time he only did one incision point on the right side.. yeah, sajic also does subcision and sculptra. But after reading his google reviews (Some being kinda awful), I’m not sure what my next steps should be.. if anyone has had treatment with Sajic please do chime in!
  9. Update: 12/31/19 - 11 days post subcision #2 & Sculptra #2 to be frank, I wasn’t as happy with my second subcision. Dr. lemckert commented on the visible improvement since my first session, but he did NOT do multi pass as I had requested. He DID do two incision points on the right side (as this is the side I was more unhappy with) but only one on the left. His reasoning was that the left seems untethered and didn’t require a second incision point. I’m not sure how valid this is? @beauti
  10. He quoted me $1500 CAD for each session of subcision + a vial of sculptra. There are cheaper doctors out there for subcision but I haven’t had a reason to go elsewhere yet Side thought: If I was American, would totally come to Canada for some subcision, what with the currency exchange and all that
  11. Here are pics I took today of each side of my face with the worst lighting I could get and the newest phone. Trying to keep this journey honest left side: like I’ve said throughout the thread, I’ve definitely seen more improvement on this side so far right side of my face: things have improved from last year but less content with this side will be asking for aggressive subcision on 12/20
  12. The before was taken last year this time, the after is this evening. This is the right side of my face. Scars look a lot shallower, am excited to see where I get to after a few more subcisions.
  13. He doesn't...but I should ask him to do it next time. He told me how he has adopted Mark Taylor's more aggressive method for subcision as well, for those interested, which surprised me as it is a riskier procedure
  14. Update: 12/05/2019 Two months post-sculptra of the left side of my face before and sfter. Next subcision and sculptra scheduled for 12/20. I can't wait!!!! The left side of my face has seen marked improvement while the right has seen minimal, ha.